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anti_itch_cream_that_workI just hate to have a bite or rash that itches! It is so irritating. To watch a small child tormented with bug bites is the worse. I don’t know about you, but I have never used an over-the-counter anti itch cream that works all that well. What is up with that? We have discovered a anti inch cream that works made from items you probably already have on hand. So get ready!

This summer my beautiful new sister- in- law from Texas, took a road trip to Tennessee. She and my niece were eaten alive by mosquitoes.  Looking at the enormous red bites on my tiny niece’s legs, she asked, “Sydney, do you want to make some of our pink  cream that stops the itching” Of course my ears perked up at the word “make” and the word “pink”. Sydney’s reaction was a big YES.  She had me.  What she did was incredibly easy and it worked!


She asked for a spoon, some allergy tablets (you know the pink ones) a spoon and a plate. I thought to myself, “What in the world is she going to make?” As she began mashing the tablets with the spoon, she explained that this was something her mom made for her and her sister when they were kids. Smart lady!

It took me a few tries to get the technique down and not shoot the tablets across the room.

Press the spoon down with your thumb directly over the tablet.

Then rock the spoon back and forth while applying pressure.


As she continued pulverizing them into a pink/white powder.  I wondered how something so easy could be effective and why I had not known about this before! Remember mom’s post about Blood, Sweat, Tears and Itching?  Yes, we itch a lot here in Tennessee and apparently Texas has the same issues! We really need an anti itch cream that works! 


The next step is super easy.

 Allison added a tiny amount of water. With the spoon she whipped up a hot pink paste.


Within seconds the home made anti inch cream that works made it’s way to itchy spots on several family members. Awww relief and NO drowsiness! Back outside we went to play corn hole and hit golf balls.

Yeah Allison and her mom!

anti_itch_cream_that_worksSeveral weeks later this concoction was whipped up again for a family member with an extreme case of poison ivy. It worked like magic and saved a trip to the doctor for a cortisone shot. The poison ivy began to dry out and heal.

Two steps:

Mash up Allergy Tablets

Add small amount of water to create paste

Disclaimer: Always consult your physician to make sure this over the counter remedy is safe for you and your family!  

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We feel blessed to have Allison another DIY’er in our family!

We love you Allison! Thanks for the awesome tip!


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  1. Hi there

    What is the active ingredient(s) in the allergy tablets? We don’t have those same tablets in Australia, but if I knew what the ingredients were I could probably find its equivalent here. And with our current outbreak of March Fly bites we’d desperately love to have something this effective.

  2. KATHLENE HALL says:

    I have terrible allergies to bug bites. I have found that T-tree oil works wonders for itches.


  4. Im thankful for the post. Great. fbdeedgkccbk

  5. If you will mix this powder with a little skin cream, whatever you use, it will stay on longer than with water. ALSO I mixed pain pills with a little cream for the blisters when my husband and a friend had shingles. They said it works better than the expensive bought stuff.

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