Transplanting Creeping Phlox

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The Creeping Phlox that I planted last spring to flow over the old retaining wall, exploded in glorious color this year! In this post I will be Transplanting Creeping Phlox.

Transplanting Creeping Phlox

What I could see of the color in the grower’s pot was nice, but when it grew and expanded, the results were spectacular!

It looked so pretty that I decided to transplant some further on down the retaining wall. 

Transplanting Creeping PhloxThe best time to transplant is in the early spring or fall. You will want to lift the plant up and find the area where you can dig up some roots. Even though the little shoots look like roots, you have to get part of the root ball in order for it to survive.

Transplanting Creeping PhloxOnce you have located the root ball area, you will want to start digging deep several inches out so that you do not cut into the roots. Try to keep as much dirt as possible intact.  (I was not successful in doing this). 

Transplanting Creeping PhloxHere is the root ball. 

Transplanting Creeping Phlox

The next step is to dig a nice deep hole  and place the root ball inside the hole then cover with dirt. 

cutting phloxI also cut the top part of the foliage back. It is more that likely going to turn brown and die off anyway and we want the root not to be too stressed while settling in and growing in their new home. Be sure and keep it watered while it it establishing in it’s new home! 

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Until next time, Happy Gardening! 

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  1. the cape on the corner says:

    i so needed to see this! for some reason this year there is phlox in my yard that i didn’t plant, and i need to move it. perfect for me to see this post, so thank you!

  2. I ran across this in the nick of time. I have to transplant a LOT of this next month. Thanks!

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