Toolbox Flower Planter

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Findings-Flower-Box.jpgFindings-Flower-BoxI converted this old vintage handmade toolbox into a Tool Box Flower Planter years ago. When we began landscaping around our 100+ year old home, we started “finding” items in the yard.Toolbox Flower PlanterNothing of value really, just really neat old rusty stuff, a few marbles and an old Christmas tree light. The toolbox planter located on the back porch became the perfect dropping off place for the “findings”. I call it my “Findings Box” now. 

Toolbox Flower PlanterThe Findings Box needed some spiffing up this spring, so I headed to my local greenhouse to pick out some plants. 

Toolbox Flower Planter

I just fell in love with this Coleus. The combination of greens, pinks and a splash of yellow is just lovely. Directly above this porch is the upstairs porch where I planted gorgeous Contessa Double Pink Ivy Geraniums.  

Toolbox Flower PlanterThe dark purple also picks up on the color of the porch floor and trim paint of the house. 

Toolbox Flower Planter

To add a little extra splash of color I chose these happy and bright Melampodium. Just the right color to bring out the yellow in the Coleus.

Toolbox Flower PlanterWhen planting in a container, I love to add some type of plant that will spill over the sides. One of my very favorite plants is the Asparagus Fern. I just love the texture and color and even though it looks dainty and delicate, it is quite hardy. 

Toolbox Flower PlanterAlso, when transplanting plants, if the roots appear to be growing around in a circle, carefully pinch or snip to help them spread out in the new soil of your container. This helps them grow big and not strangle themselves. 

Toolbox Flower PlanterSo here is our newly planted Toolbox Flower Planter! I am really going to enjoy watering and watching these beautiful plants mature.

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Until then, Happy Flower Box Planting! 

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