Laundry Room “UP” – Date with FolkArt® Home Decor™ Chalk

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This post is brought to you by  FolkArt® Home Decor™ Chalk. Compensation was given for this post. All products are 100% mine. 

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The laundry room was the first room in this house that I tackled when we moved in 3 years ago. I hung cabinets for storage and created a unique growth chart for my kids. But I never really loved the colors I used on the lettering of the growth chart. Take a look below.

I wanted a look that was little more sophisticated. I also needed a solution for reaching my high cabinets. I had bought a small plastic step stool but it wasn’t tall enough.

To update my laundry room I decided to use FolkArt® Home Decor™ Chalk The color I choose is called “Grotto” and it fit in perfectly with my existing decor. 

growth chart.jpg

I found a super cute wooden step stool at a local hardware store for only $19.99.  I found out quickly that t the big box stores typically only sell the metal ones. I called around town and found a privately owned hardware store that had them in stock. I wanted a wooden one so I could paint it and display it on hooks on the front of my closet door for easy access.


For this project I used FolkArt® Home Decor™ Chalk in Grotto and FolkArt® Home Decor™ Wax in clear. I love this product because it transforms your every day average looking piece in to something one of a kind. It’s also super easy to apply. I didn’t have to sand or prime or anything. I love projects that include zero prep work. 


FolkArt® Home Decor™ Chalk  has an ultra matte chalk finish and it is perfect for layering or distressing.


As you can see no prep work. I just painted directly on top of the previous colors. So simple and easy… no sanding involved.

SONY DSCAfter applying your  FolkArt® Home Decor™ Chalk allow about an hour of dry time. 


Once your project is dried you can apply your wax. I choose to apply a clear wax but  FolkArt® Home Decor™ Wax also comes in dark wax as well. 

finished step stool

Look at that finish… isn’t it beautiful? Are you ready to give it a try? You can purchase FolkArt® Home Decor™ Chalk at Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores or from Jo-Ann online  for $7.99 a bottle. I have so much left over from this project that I’m going to be updating even more items in my home. SONY DSC

Now that you’ve seen the updated projects.. let’s see them in the room itself.

This is what I was talking about. Do you see the mess collecting on top of my washer and dryer? That’s because I couldn’t reach them. I had to scoot a chair in from the dining room every time I had to put something up.


I have all of these bins I made from diaper boxes where I store things. Like this one above is where I store my paint. Typically it would take me a week to put it back in to the cabinet.

Not anymore now that I have my snazzy little ladder.


See how stylish and cute this ladder turned out! It so cute and doesn’t have to be tucked away.

SONY DSC In fact I have it on display. I attached two hooks to the  closet door and that is where I store it for easy access.  And just in case you forget what it’s for, I left so easy instructions on the side. I thought it kind of went with the whole “up” date!



Are you looking to update your decor with minimal effort? Look no further… here are the many color options available

image (1) 2

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  1. Rachael curtis says:

    Can’t wait to try this paint..I looked up the pricing information and it’s actually affordable unlike other popular brands of chalk paints.

  2. Wow! Looks amazing, Lesley! Beautiful job!

  3. I love the growing up chart! Such a wonderful idea! Thanks for joining the Monday Funday Party!

  4. I love the fabric print of your curtains in the first photo. Do you mind sharing where you got them?

  5. polly plum says:

    Love the color of the stepstool!Its so much less of a chore when you do laundry in a pretty laundry room!What’s the purpose of applying the wax afterpainting the stepstool?


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