How to hang curtain rods on windows with decorative molding

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how to hand curtains on windows with decorative molding

Do you like that super long title? let’s say it together How to hang curtain rods on windows with decorative molding!  Well, that’s what I goggled when I was searching for ideas on how to hang curtain on windows with decorative molding.

You know what I found…. ZIP… Nothing…. NADA…

Not one idea that would help me in my decision making process. 

One picture kept coming up and it’s beautiful!  I just absolutely love Thistlewood Farm.  I mean who wouldn’t?

Kari Anne’s dining room looks like it is out of the pages of a magazine.

how to hand curtains on windows with decorative moldingAlthough her molding on her windows is similar to mine. It’s not exactly the same.  My molding is way far away from the ceiling and the molding sticks out from the wall at least 4 inches. There’s almost like a shelf type quality to it.  Take a look… These are all of the moldings in my living room. how to hand curtains on windows with decorative moldingI think in this room I will hang the curtain rods just like Kari Anne did, very close to the ceiling. Each curtain can drape between the windows.

But the kitchen is a little different. 

how to hand curtains on windows with decorative molding

See the ceiling is way far up there and then it angels. I would have to have like 20 ft drapes and then they would still awkwardly stick our over the molding. What to do?

I decided to purchase Martha Stewart’s curtain rod pieces in white. I figured this would really work with the molding. Any dark rod would really stand out. That’s not what I wanted.  Here’s a list of what I purchased to get this look. 

martha stewart finials

4 finials for $9.97 a piece

martha stewart white finish wood bracket


4 Wood Brakcets for $7.97 a piecewhite rod2 Rods for 24.97 a piece


how to hand curtains on windows with decorative moldingI honestly think that this is the best option for these windows. After I hung the curtains at the perfect height, they were too short. But not to worry. I have a fix for that. Look below for the preview and tomorrow I will show you how to make Burlap Tab Drapes. how to hand curtains on windows with decorative molding

 Join me tomorrow for the super duper easy burlap tab top no sew curtain conversion! 

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  1. Your mouldings are beautiful. I love the kitchen look and hanging treatment, keeping the tops showing. And yes . . . KariAnne’s place is gorgeous too. We have a newer, but very basic home and are in the process of beefing up our woodwork and trim. You are both so inspiring. Thanks for the ideas here.

  2. Michele stevens says:

    I have very similar windows in my living room with the crown molding far from the ceiling (about 30″ or so) they are similarly spaced, as well as being about 4″ out from the wall. What ideas have you come up with to dress them? I would need a 14′ rod if I went all the way across (those aren’t easy to find or cheap!), I too have had a lot of trouble finding ideas on Google or Pinterest. Have you done anything with those windows?

    • Michele, I haven’t found any ideas yet but I’m thinking I want to do one long piece all the way across and let the curtains hang between the windows. I want to mount the rod close to the ceiling. In this room I think that would work. I haven’t done any investigating but I am thinking I will have to make a custom rod that is long enough. I will let you know when if I find something.

  3. I would put some cute little knick knacks pained in the same color as the wall all along the tops of those moldings. Nothing huge..and maybe something with some substantial weight to them too so they don’t fall off as easily.

  4. Monica Dameron says:

    I am also trying to find help. My ceilings are 12 ft and I have a very large window that has only 23 inches of wall on each side. There is molding all around my window but the molding at the top of the window sticks out 6 inches. Yes, 6 inches!!! I cannot find any brackets for draperies that extend out that far. If I use brackets with 6 inch extensions (which are the longest I have found) my draperies will drag on molding as I want to hang the draperies up to the ceiling. Any ideas on how to make an extended bracket???

  5. Where did you find your curtains at?

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