Easy Tab Top Curtain Panels

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Easy Tab Top Curtain Panels I love these curtains from World Market but when I hung my rods on the decorative window molding there was a bit of a problem. A problem that I solved with these easy tab top curtain panels.Easy Tab Top Curtain Panels

First the curtains did not slide easily. At All!!! I had to stand on my toes and push them over really hard. I can’t stand that. Something like that really irritates me. I need things to work with ease. Easy Tab Top Curtain Panels

Then there was the “high water” issue. Yes, these drapes looked like they were pants that were just a little too short. Not capri short and cute but high water ugly. Easy Tab Top Curtain Panels I created a super easy and inexpensive fix. Using burlap ribbon I measured out equal pieces. I cut enough for 5 per drape. 

Easy Tab Top Curtain Panels I folded the top of the ribbon like a fan and then added hot glue between each slot. Next, I hot glued the tabs to the top of the drapes. 

Yep…. It was that easy. Easy Tab Top Curtain Panels

I love how the easy tab top curtain panels turned out and boy did they lengthen the drapes. The burlap tabs have also made the drapes super easy to slide open and shut! 

Easy Tab Top Curtain Panels I love them, however my husbands comment was … “you did not just add burlap to the tops of our curtains!” He says this kind of thing about every project I do and then he loves it. No worries! 

Hey, but I was super impressed that he knew that the tabs were burlap! 

What do you think? Do you like them.. yay or nay? 

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  1. That was a really good idea. I hate when the curtains don’t slide easily. My living room drapes were very wide panels and I cut 6 inches off the side of each panel and used that fabric to make tabs. They were nice drapes, but were in the bargain bin because they had no valences left. Love this burlap look.

  2. Rachel jayasingha says:

    Love this idea I think it would look great on my sticky tab tops but only problem is I can’t see what has happened to the original tabs. Did you take them off?

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