Holidays at Hollywood Wax Museum! Pigeon Forge, TN

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SONY DSC Living right outside of Nashville, Tennessee is absolutely awesome! We not only live within 30 minutes of  “Music City” but just a short car ride to one of the most entertaining cities in the south, Pigeon Forge.

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is the home to many family friendly attractions and there is never a shortage of  things to do in Pigeon Forge. Family fun is exactly what Pigeon Forge is all about.

The Hollywood Wax Museum is one of the newer attractions in Pigeon Forge and we have already been there twice. Yep, twice! It’s so much fun!

What’t so special about a museum? Well I’ll tell you…Hollywood Wax Museum  was designed for interaction. Rather than walking by and just looking, visitors are encouraged to walk into the open sets and take photos with the figures.

And boy did we take advantage of the fact that we were able to interact with the figures. That is really what is so fun about the whole “museum”. It’s interactive!

Now looking back on the photos I see that each one of my family members had their own agenda when it came to taking pictures with the celebrities.

Take a look…..

dad having fun at hollywood wax museum pigeon forge tn

My husband for example  wanted to get all the photos with famous leading ladies. “Selfies with the ladies” was his theme of the day. He got right in there with Marilyn Monroe the leading lady of the past and Lucy Lu a leading lady of the present.

What’s going on here? Yep, Drew Barrymore did not want to participate in the “selfies’ with him so she got a little aggressive.

Mommy having fun at Hollywood Wax Museum

My focus for the day was apparently to get comfortable. I seemed to plop down on any available chaise, bed or bench that I could!

Hugh, confessed to me that I was the only brunette that he would go for but unfortunately my ripe old age of 33 killed the romance immediately.

All that relaxing made me hungry so I tried to pry the chocolate from Forest Gump’s hands. Unfortunately, he was adamant in delivering it to his special lady, Jenny.
Gavin Hollywood Wax Museum

Gavin our 11 year old was in fierce competition with every celebrity he met. Look at that block! Boom, in your face Michael!

gavinandhoganHulk Hogan has nothing on Gavin. Look he’s already up to his elbow!

Walking around the museum and looking very closely at the figures is fascinating. One thing that I find very interesting about the wax figures is that each wax figure is a piece of art. Over time and currently, the Hollywood Wax Museum has worked with numerous sculptors, mold makers, and finishers to create life-like wax figures. Stylistic differences occur depending on which artists crafted the figures.

Think about that each sculpture is created by an individual artist. They really are amazing!

Gavin and MJ

But wait who can forget the greatest exhibit of all! The King of Pop, my birthday twin, our all time favorite singer….


and Gavin of course gave MJ a run for his money too.

Look at that pose!!!

Oh little Jude, I’m noticing a theme in these pictures. Are you trying to tell us something?

First you are sailing away with Leonardo then….
Leaving with Keanu?


Ok now he’s gone to far he’s trying to teleport with these guys. Jude seriously are we that bad!

SONY DSCHollywood Wax Museum was the first wax museum to dedicate its entire show to Hollywood, celebrities and pop culture. The sculptures and exhibit are an excellent representation of several Hollywood celebrities and films. Hollywood Wax Museum delivers family fun for all ages, interesting interactive exhibits, a fabulous gift shop and more.

Have you visited the Hollywood Wax Museum before? What was your favorite celebrity?I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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