How to Repair An Underwire Bra

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 There’s nothing more annoying than the feeling you get when the wire in your favorite underwire bra starts to poke through. Oh how irritating! Well here’s a trick to fix a bra that will save you some pain and extend the life of that favorite bra just a little bit longer. 

Underwire Bra repair... fix a bra in 10 seconds or less


 Items needed for Underwire Bra Repair

 Fix a bra in secondsThe other day I put on my favorite bra.  I tend to have many of the same style, but only wear one or two of them to the point that all of the sudden there’s an underwire breakthrough.  Ouch! How annoying is it to spend $50 or more on a bra and then have a protruding underwire? The thought of How To Repair An Underwire Bra kept popping in my head every time the wire poked me.

Now look closely,  there’s that sneaky, painful, annoying piece of underwire which has broken through the fabric. I dealt with the pain for a few days and then I was talking to my husband about it and he said “Just throw it away.”  “What?” I replied. ” Throw away my favorite bra, and then have to go get a new one, with kids? Hmm, let me think about that one.” Uhh.”NO”  

Then I remembered I had a whole baggy full of moleskin left over from my husband’s many years of road marches in the Infantry. I figured this stuff is really soft and sticky on the back and guess what.. it’s nude.. it should match perfectly on this bra.

Maybe at least it will work for one day. Maybe this is the answer of How To Repair An Underwire Bra.  Underwire bra fix ... fix a bra in seconds

First, I worked the wire back in to the casing with my fingers. Be careful some of these wires are super sharp. This part can be tricky but you really want to shove it back in there really well. 

 Underwire bra fixLook closely, you can no longer see the wire protruding.. that’s a good thing. Now some holes are so big that you may want to dab a little super glue there first, let it dry then add the moleskin. 


Use Moleskin to patch a pokey underwireNow that you have the wires shoved back in to the casing. (And yes sometimes the wires will break through on both sides. ) Go ahead and cut a small strip of moleskin, about an inch long is enough. 

Fix a protruding underwire bra with moleskin

Using my thumbs I smoothed the moleskin a few times. Your body heat will make the glue adhere to the fabric. Hopefully creating a bond that will allow the patch to stick for several days. 

fix an underwire bra in seconds

And there you have it a simple, no sew, underwire bra fix. 




Underwire bra repair in 10 seconds or less

Underwire bra repair in 10 seconds or less

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  1. Chelsea says:

    I love the idea but I want to know… how well does the repair hold up in the washer?

    • Chelsea, With the brand of Moleskin I used the bra came out the same way I put it in the wash. However, I’m sure after a few washes the patch may need to be replaced.

      • Sounds like the best solution would be to sew over the moleskin to make it stay. Just a zig zag stitch around it.

        • I’ve been sewing the hole shut for years …..just a few whip stitches keeps that wire poked back in to place….

          • Best way to have a bra stay in good shape is actually by hand washing, or at least not putting it in the dryer. I have been hand washing for years, and no bra has had this issue since I started. Also, it keeps it from stretching as quickly. ^_^ The idea is great, so it may be best to hand wash after you do it so you don’t have to keep repairing it.

          • Sara, Thanks for the tips. I never hand wash but try to always skip the dryer!

          • Me too! :) But I think that the moleskin stitched over the top of where the hurty wire is poking out is a good idea as well.

        • FYI, your needle will get sticky as you stitch the moleskin, so it may be easier to hand stitch it. Rubbing alcohol will take the stickiness off of the needle as you go or once you’re finished. 😀

      • I have the perfect fix that always works and lasts thru all the washes you will ever do till the bra completely wears out,… take any piece of fairly thick fabric, the moleskin is great and then use a little bit of crazy glue to put it in place after pushing the wire down,the glue holds forever and is waterproof,has fixed so many of my bras for years.

    • first of all, you’re not really supposed to put your bras in the wash, there supposed to be hand washed, but like another commenter said, maybe a zig zag stitch around the moleskin will keep it in place, and make it more sturdy :)

      • just a little fyi, if you work full time, and have kids, you’re not going to have time to hand wash your undergarments.

        • Lol you nailed it. working at home or away I’ve never had time to hand wash my bras.

          • I’ve thrown away 4 Victoria’s Secret bras now after multiple “repairs” because the underwire finally broke in half. But I have 2 left and will definitely be using moleskin to repair them before they give out completely on me!

        • You are absolutely correct!! I’m a stay at home mom of three precious girls and even though two of them are in school all day, I don’t have time to hand wash clothes every week. I do have some shirts to handwash and do try to throw in the bras if I think about it but they mostly go right into the wash and then the dryer. Just don’t have time time like I used to. Funny thing is that before I had kids and had time to hand wash bras and panties, I couldn’t afford the really nice VS stuff so just bought cheap stuff and into the washer/dryer they go. LOL.

          Thanks for this tip. I will be using it. My best VS strapless bra stabs me all the time with the wire that poke through and also has poked holes in shirts when I am trying to push the wire back in from the outside of my shirt. I have put duct tape on the end of the wire but will be trying this trick now so I can comfortably wear my strapless and save my skin and my shirts. :-)

          • Good Grief!!!! I should proof read before clicking “Post Comment”. I see several dumb errors and don’t know how to edit my comment.

            Example: My bra didn’t poke “holds” in my shirt, it poked “holes” in my shirt.

            I will be paying more attention in the future. My English teacher, who was my favorite teacher and one of my favorite classes, would be very disappointed in me. LOL . I do wish the owner of this blog would change the font that is used in the comment box while we are composing our comment. It is a bit hard to read (for some of us). It really doesn’t need to be fancy since the end result that gets posted is a simple san serif font. Maybe I am the only one who thinks this way because I am getting old and my vision is failing me. LOL

          • Hi Holly, I fixed your typos. I too submit and often catch errors after. In fact I had such bad errors once I had to write to the owner of a blog and ask her to take my comment down. lol It’s no problem. As for the font in the comments I’d have to look into seeing if I can change it or if it is something that is permanently there because of the blogger format. I’m still a newbie so the coding and re-coding part takes me a while. Thanks for the comments though, I am glad that the bra fix will come in handy for you!

          • If your bras are poking you, and they’re from VS, you can take it back and exchange it for a new one without your original receipt. The bras are NOT supposed to do that and they will replace them, if the bras are still in the store.

          • Kaleigh: I wish I would’ve seen this sooner! I just bought a new bra from Victoria’s Secret today because my underwire poked through on my favorite bras! It would have saved me some money, but hey, I now have a fabulous new bra!

          • Angela thanks so much for the comment. We’ve had several VS employees state that the return policy is not indefinite. Some VS stores have been nice enough to offer replacements but I would think it’s a case by case situation. I would tend to think they would only exchange if the wire protruded within 30 days of purchase or whatever their window of return is. Atleast now you have a new bra and can repair your other one!

          • Having been a manager of a VS for almost 2 years, It is a case by case. We can tell if it has been machine washed. If it has, you voided the warranty. They will only replace if it was taken care of in the stated care instructions for washing. BUT this is a great tip for those of us who can’t hand wash (i have not become one) But there are bra bags you can purchase that can help save some of the wear of a machine wash. I use one made by Tide. You can wash 2 in the same bag. This way you aren’t stretching the bands from the machine and you can still get them clean!

          • Stacia,
            That is completely understandable. I actually use to work for Limited brands @ The Limited and The Limited Too so I am loyal to the brand, very much. I would never expect that a return or exchange should be made on an item that was past the date stated on the return policy, or if the customer is not following the care instructions. I am also glad you mentioned the Tide bags that is exactly what I use for machine washing my bras. I like these the best because they don’t leave any space for your bras to move around or stretch like you mentioned. I again want to make it very clear that no matter if I continue to have breakthroughs from the wires, I will always be loyal to Victoria’s Secrets I just adore their products. I only have this issue after many, many, many wears and the bras still look great so until they are unbearable or I have a chance to go shopping alone I have to make them work with the patch. Thanks again for the tip and reminding us of the TIDE Bags.

    • Linda Gilliam says:

      If you must machine wash, wash in a mesh laundry bag or tied pillowcase. IT WORKS!

    • Duct tape works well also; holds up after repeated washings

  2. I had this happen to one of my bras years ago and I’m seem to remember using duct tape or something similar as my repair solution! This sounds like it would be MUCH more comfortable!

    Great tip!

  3. Omg thanks for this! I have a favorite bra that I wear like once a year now because of the wire and I can’t find another to replace it! I’ve tried various tapes but eventually (and uncomfortably) they always wear through. Trying this today!

    • Hi Dear Wallet! You are welcome! Enjoy wearing your favorite bra again. Woo Hoo!

    • If you are looking for a bra, and cannot find it — look on ebay! I had an underwire nursing bra that I LOVED but was discontinued b/c underwire (supposedly?!!) doesn’t work with nursing. I was able to still find it (new, that’s the only way I’d bid on it) on ebay, and was able to still have it while nursing my other babies! Maybe you could find it on there?!! Good luck.. I feel like I’m always on the hunt for hard to find bras!!

      • The reason underwire bras aren’t recommended while breastfeeding is because in some women, they can lead to clogged milk ducts, mastitis…not fun. However, if you haven’t had a problem, rock on! Oh, and your boobies will be much better supported than mine were!

        • Actually, usually the reason this happens is because many women (especially those who are pregnant) are wearing the wrong size (cups too small and band too big), so the underwire sits on the breast tissue and squishes milk ducts.

          This happens when they are not pregnant as well, as most fitting advice in this country is wrong (add 4-6 inches, anyone?), but it is only noticed when it causes functionality problems. (Ie when breast feeding.)

  4. Great idea! I have sewing utterly up with nylon thread but that doesn’t last long either. Anyone have an idea to replace a broken wire.??

    • Hi Tammy, the only thing I can think of would be to take the wire from another bra and somehow replace it. Might be a good idea to save worn bras for the parts LOL! Let us know if you give it a try.

      • Lorraine says:

        I totally do this…save old bras for the parts! lol! I am SOO trying the moleskin next time instead of trying to sew it in. It always pokes back out again. Thanks!!

        • No Problem Lorraine!

        • Try hand sewing it with embroidery thread. You can pick a color that exactly matches your bra and the thicker thread will reduce the chance that it will poke through again. And the thread is not scratchy.

      • I usually sew the hole up, but it doesn’t last too long and can be uncomfortable. I might even put his on top after a few stitches. I really like to saving of old bra’s for parts. I HATE to throw out an old comfy bra this could solve that one for sure!

    • go to a fabric store like maybe joann fabric, or one similar to that near your house. They have a section in the store to sew bras and they have everything from pads to underwire to eyelets and hooks to make a bra. buy the under wire then rip a couple of stiches, if u already dont have a hole where it poking through. Then simply shove it in and sew it up or use this method of the moleskin to close it up. I hope this works, Good Luck

    • Jessie S. says:

      Sometimes you can find replacement wires at sewing and craft stores like Joann’s! At my local store there’s a section with shoulder pads, bra hooks and extenders, fashion tape, etc. and the replacement wires can be found there, too.

    • when the wire comes out of my favorite bras (which only happens on one side at a time!) I pull the wire out on the other side. Then I have a comfortable wire-free bra to wear around the house while doing cleaning etc or just relaxing. That being said, I hate wire in my bras, I have a rather large chest (understatement) and my bras are usually about $50 each.

      Also to fix the wire poking in the past, I used some of the liquid stitches- push the wire back down in the hold and plug it up with that. It held for another 6 months or so.

    • I have use a wire hanger. just the hanger and put it through the hole till it all the way in. back it back out about an inch and cut then bend to the correct shape then close hole and there you go problem fixed.

    • You can, if you don’t have spare bra parts laying around, find the under wire at fabric stores like Joann’s or Hancock’s Fabrics. Most likely you can find them online now too.

  5. They actually have sites that sell bra making supplies you can buy the underwire that fits the size you would need. one site would be.

  6. This is AMAZING!!! I have so many bras that need attacked with this! Thanks for posting :)


  7. Jessica says:

    This happens to me ALL the time! I am absolutely going to try this out next time! i’m very excited to see how it works with larger sized bras. After washing my Victoria’s Secret Bras ($$$$$$$$$) and i have just thrown them away! Excited!

    • Jessica, I hope it works for you as well. The bras pictured are Victoria Secret as well. It’s definitely not a forever fix but something that will make the bra last quite a bit longer. As soon as one piece of moleskin wears out I just switch it out. I have extended the life of my favorite bra by several months already. Good luck.

      • This is a great!! I will have to grab some moleskin the next time I go to the store. I had two Victoria’s Secret bras break. One was the front clasp and the other was the underwire stabbing me like yours. Since the front clasp one was fairly new (only worn like 3 times and hadn’t even been washed), I decided to take them to the store and see what they said. They replaced both! I didn’t expect them to fully replace the underwire broken one since it was several years old but the manager insisted. She helped me find two brand new ones at no charge. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

        • Misti, I could not agree more. I always take things back that don’t hold up like I expect them to. Especially if I have paid a lot for them and expect quality. Thanks so much for sharing this tip.

        • Victoria secret bras have a warranty

          • Jeny, That’s awesome to know. I just want to clarify because I love Victoria Secret and don’t want to mis-represent their products. My “favorite” bra that was in dis-repair (the nude one) was well over 2 years old. In good faith I could not try to exchange for a new one. I also have about 4 of the exact same bra but this one is just my “fav” Thanks again.

          • This is actually untrue. I’ve been employed by Limited Brands for six years now. There is no warranty, BUT, they do stick true to their products and will help you with returning or defective merchandise.

          • Good to know that Limited Brands stand by their products, Sara. Thanks for posting.

    • Just a tip from a VS employee, as long as you wash your bra properly (handwashing in cold water and laying flat to dry) and they still break, bring it into your Victoria’s Secret! We can get you a replacement bra at no charge!

      • Jessica, That is so great to know! Another reason to shop at VS. I have to admit though I could never come in under those conditions, I always through my bras in the washer. I know, sham on me. Thanks so much for letting us know. I love companies that value their customers.

  8. One very important tip I learned while working in the lingerie department of a upscale store . . . NEVER put bras in the dryer!!! This should help the moleskin stay applied longer, as well as prevent the wire from poking through in the first place. It also prolongs the elastic in the bra. Hope this helps!

    • KaraJo, That’s a great tip! I also try to remember to use lingerie bags when washing my bras. Tide came out with an awesome one where you can fold your bra in half and stick one on each side of the bag. This way it keeps it’s shape and helps it from getting jerked around in the wash. Thanks again for the tips it’s great to hear from the pros!

    • I can’t agree there. I *never* put my bras in the dryer and the underwire still pokes through after a bit. Usually after a long life of wear, but my most recent nude bra after only a few months. And it was good quality, too. I’m glad for this fix!

      • Jen, I agree some seem to start poking through no matter how you wash or dry them! Hope this works for you too!

  9. Or you could just push the wire back in and sew hole back up.

    • Kari,
      You could most definitely sew it back up. However, for me sewing takes forever and I am really bad with very tight areas such as that space. Just putting a No-Sew option out there. Thanks for your in-put.

    • Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work. I have one bra from VS with a loose underwire, and I can slide that one in no problem. But one style of the Body bra I bought a couple years ago has such a stubborn wire that I simply can’t push it back through.

      • Fallow, that’s why this patch works so great for me because my wire cannot be pushed back in.. there is now a hole where the sharp edge of the wire is exposed and I use the moleskin to cover it. Now after releasing this post I have a total of 4 of the same style bras with the wires breaking through.

  10. Sewing never works. I have tried multiple times, multiple ways. I found that Victoria’s Secret bras were the worst as far as the wires poking through. Since I stopped buying Victoria’s Secret bras, I have not had this problem at all. But if I do, I will remember this trick!

    • Bettie, Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. It’s interesting that it seems people have this issue a lot with a particular brand hmmm? Thanks for the input again this is definitely not a long term solution but will give you a little bit more longevity on that favorite bra.

      • I used to have this problem with the Victoria’s Secret bras, too. It turned out I was wearing the wrong size. VS will sell you a “sister size” rather than flat-out tell you they don’t make bras in your size!

        I was wearing 34Cs at Victoria’s secret. I went to a professional bra shop and got my real size (finally!) — a 30F. Now my bra doesn’t slip up in the back, my wires don’t twist or break thru the fabric, and my boob doesn’t pop out of the cup at the top. I’ll never set foot in another Victoria’s Secret. They should have just told me they don’t make my size, but instead they convinced me to wear the wrong size for years.

        • I’ve worked at VS for 8 years now, and I always feel the need to add clarification when I see or hear comments like this. Bra fitting is NOT an exact science. It is trial and error, and not every woman is going to wear the size she is measured. I know that I don’t. Sister sizing is a concept that most bra shops utilize (I prefer my sister size to my actual size) but it is not for everyone. If you were wearing a 34 C but really needed a 30 F, that’s a difference that should have been easy to detect in a try on session, so shame on the employee that fit you. However, professional bra shops fit differently than mainstream ones do, and that is important to understand. I’m not saying any of this to desensitize the situation, by any means! I just want to provide you with feedback from a VS veteran!

          • Sara, thanks so much for the input. We can’t judge all Victoria’s Secrets off a few experiences. I for one just got re-fitted I have gained weight and have now retired my bras from this post. Needless to say I went up a size. I still shop at VS and will continue to do so. I’m sure you are correct there is no science to fitting however some women just insist on smushing in to bras that don’t fit. I met some women this weekend at our trade show for Fix A Bra that I just had to say, “I’m sorry but I think it’s time for a new bra.

        • Carrie, I wonder why the fitting was so far off? I do have to say the more women I talk to about bras lately the more I see the need for fittings and/or even customized bras. I am glad you found one that really works for you now.

    • I sew them, but use a very small piece of fleece (like the hats and jackets and scarves are made of) as the patch and sew it down. Lasts a long time. But I love the moleskin idea for down and dirty, quick and easy repair. Thanks!

    • I’d have to agree that all of my VS bras end up with a wire poking through. I haven’t had this issue with any other brand with the exception of a VERY elderly bra that should be taken to the back 40 and put out of it’s misery.

  11. Thank you! I can’t believe I never thought of this! I wear bras until they are shot so I love getting more life out of them!

    And I think we wear the exact same style of bra! Gotta love when you find a style that you love!

    • Great! I know and I usually find a style, buy a bunch and then go back and they don’t ever make that exact style again!

      • Marzee Carnes says:

        I always buy Cacique bras from Lane Bryant. This happens quite often with them, as well. They are expensive, even on sale, but nothing else fits like they do. I will have to try this!

        • Ohh> I love Cacique they use to have their own store connected to The Limited. I would get a discount when because I worked at The Limited in high school. Their underwear is my favorite. I didn’t realize they were with Lane Bryant now! I agree bras are expensive! Hopefully this can help extend them at least until you can get back into your store to get that favorite bra again.

          • I’ve found the exact same bras that Cacique carries at Target for half the price under a different label a season later.
            Vanity Fair Outlets are great for 1/2 price bras.

            There is a product called tool dip. It is a liquid.
            Coat the end of the underwire with it. Let dry and it won’t make a new hole in your bra.

  12. Thank you for this great tip! But, I have an even “deeper” problem with my bras. My underwires are snapping in half at the bottom of the bra! I have to pull the broken wire pieces all the way out as the broken metal causes the cup to loose its’ shape (and of course, is painful from the protruding sharp edges.) I have tried several fabric stores for replacement wires but no one seems to carry them!! Is there something else I can insert inside the seam to give the bra it’s original shape????? I’ve tried flexible wire but it doesn’t work.

    • gcvegas says:

      see Mary’s post above…. bra

    • I’m not really sure other than trying out the site mentioned previously by Mary in the comments section. Any other type of wiring or material would have to be formed to fit your cup size. Good luck and please let us know if you come up with a fix for this issue as well. Thanks

    • Dianne- have you been professionally fitted for a bra recently? Mine were doing the same thing until I went in for a fitting and found out I was actually wearing the wrong cup size for the past few years. They felt like they fit except for that pesky underwire breaking. Just something you may consider since it helped me.

    • I had the same problem. The under-wire in my favorite (and expensive) Victoria’s Secret bra snapped in half. I cut the wire out of a bra that I didn’t really like (bought at Ross for around $5.00) and used that. It was a little tricky to get it into the casing, but it’s still holding strong after many, many wearings.

  13. heather says:

    Whoop! Hoping this will keep me from having to drop $$ on new nursing bras when that is the only issue with my favorite one!!

  14. at $46 per bra, I’ll definitely try this one. I’ve used about everything else to “repair” that wire, and nothing lasts more than a day or so. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks for the info.,

    • Dianne, You can wear the patch for days and probably even weeks. I did try to wash it again and this time it washed off. However I’ll just re-patch it again. For some that may think that is crazy, the bra is in otherwise perfect condition. I’ll just keep patching away.

      • My daughter puts super glue over the hole on hers and that works great for her. Howeve, it would be even better to put the moleskin over the super glue, then it should stay on forever!

        • Tammy, that’s what a lot of people are saying. However, it’s always a quick fix if you are out at work and can’t get to the super glue.

  15. ninjakitteh says:

    This is such an appropriate thing for me to have stumbled upon on Pinterest today! I am wearing one of the only two bras that are mostly comfy, and yesterday discovered an area where the wire is poking through. Today, (same bra, muddling through) discovered an area on the other underwire :-/ This will be mighty helpful! Where are some places I could get the Moleskin, I don’t believe we have a CVS around where I live?

    • Hi, You can find moleskin at any store that has a section for foot care. Such as Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Rite Aide, etc. I’ve tried several different brands and they all work. If they don’t last in the wash, I just re-apply a new patch. Good luck, hope it works for you too!

  16. A huge thank you! I was just getting ready to throw out my favorite bra. You saved the day!

  17. Great idea! Will this work if the underwire pokes out on the outer edge/side?

    • I haven’t tried it yet Jodi, but I think it may work. Let us know if you try it!

    • Yes, it works on the “other side” too (close to arm). Wrap the moleskin up over the top of the bra and down on the other side so that it is anchored well. And, like stated, wear it before washing so your body heat helps it adhere. I want to try super-gluing the hole too and then covering that with the moleskin.

      I have problems with VS bras on this “other side.” Particulary the “Body” bra. But, I have had problems with other brands as well (Lilyette, Warners) in the center area. Bras are too expensive to have to throw out after a couple of months, so this tip is fantastic!!!

  18. That is one clever tip. Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  19. What a great tip! I have used super glue with some success, but it leaves a scratchy edge where the glue dries. Maybe a combination of the two would be my perfect fix.

    I would like to point out that protruding underwires are a classic sign of an ill-fitting bra. The part where the wires come almost together in the middle of the bra is called the center gore and it should be flat against the chest and between the breasts. The other end of the wires should alight with the front of the armpit , without cutting into breast tissue. A proper fit will do many things, and keeping wires where they belong is just one of them!

    • What great advice Jess! As I read this I was checking out how my own underwire bra fits. This is mom responding BTW. I never knew this. Thank you so much for leaving the comment!

  20. You know the old saying an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I’m retired from retail, and I was a bra fitter in a department store. One of the things I taught my customers ( and I do myself ) is use a dollar store mesh garment bag. First hook the bra and put the cups together so one is inside the other, fold the sides in and the straps. Line a few bras up in the bag , gentle cycle and HANG TO DRY.Putting your bras in the dryer melts the newer fabrics.Also rotate your bras you wear,the fabrics have a memory and need a day to regain their shape, other wise the get too streached out and loose their support. I hope this will help prevent your underwire from poking out.

  21. You are my hero! Thank you so so much for this! I have this problem with almost every bra I own and with my rather large bust it is not only hard to find bras in my size but expensive! This is a life saver!

  22. Dianne Farrior says:

    This is great news. Beats my method of throwing it away.

  23. Lynn M. says:

    I have had this problem with bras for years. I usually push the wire back in as far as I can and stitch back and forth across the hole with a very tight stitch on my sewing machine. Most of the time it holds fairly well, but occasionally if the wire edge is sharp or rough it will tear back through. I have tried to come up with a solution to “soften” or dull the ends of the wire so it doesn’t tear through again, (even tried coating the ends in melted plastic), but with no luck. The moleskin sounds like it might work for this also. I think folding one or two layers over the end of the wire would help. Thanks for the idea!!

    • Hi Lynn, coating the ends of the wire might just be a good idea for bra manufacturers, especially since so many women are having these problems. I wonder if anyone has ever been injured by one? Give the moleskin a try, hope it helps!

      • Danyelle says:

        I have a scar on the inside of my left breast from a wire poking me! I was at a wedding and had to wear the only strapless bra I own. I tried to sew it shut but through the dancing it came back out. It was so sore I had to wear a sport bra for the next week!

  24. Oh my goodness!! Thank you so much for this info!! I have thrown away multiple bras because of this…and the idea of replacing broken underwires with old ones…brilliant!! Thanks again!!

  25. Hillary says:

    I bought a bra from Fredericks of Hollywood that has painful wire. I buy bras from them all the time because they actually sell my size unlike other brands. But anyway, they aren’t very cheap. So this will really help to fix that one painful bra because I really love everything else about it.

    • Hi Hillary, I have endured pain with shoes because I like them! Isn’t interesting that moleskin is used for feet issues as well. Hopefully this will ease that bra pain! Thanks for stopping by.

  26. I have more than a few favourite bras and it saddened me that the underwire kept protruding! I came across this the other day on Pinterest and I JUST tried it out. Thanks in advance for giving such a wicked tip! I usually hand wash my bras so hopefully they’ll last longer! :)

  27. Natalie says:

    I have had this happen many times, the last time this happened my husband got tired of hearing me complain and he took it and pushed the underwire back in where its supposed to be and he dabbed superglue all over the spot and when it was almost dry he pushed it down with his finger. It is still holding up today without coming out! This was at least 6 months ago!

    • Wow Natalie,sounds like he figured out a good fix as well, but I am so clumsy with super glue I would end up with my figures glued to my bra. LOL!

  28. I usually use a bit of super glue to adhere the fabric together after I push the wire back in but the super glue gets rough and scrapes usually. I just deal with it. Maybe I will try the moleskin on top of the super glue for extra repair last-isicty.

    • Hi Erin, that is a great idea. The moleskin can also be kept in a purse and used in a pinch.

    • Theresa says:

      Hot glue on a broken off tip( you know the little plastic tip on the end of the underwire) and then seal it up as you suggested.Great tip by the way saves sewing for non-sewers.

  29. Wow- things so simple and stil so brilliant… I’ve got 3 bras that are going to get the moleskin treatment, bu I think I’m going to “add some sew.” Maybe some quickie hand-stitches will be permanent… Hmm… :) Thank you for this so much!! I wouldn’t have thought of it in 100 years. :)

  30. Found these a while back while dealing with this same issue! Bralee. .com

  31. I love this! I’ve been wearing underwires for decades and have tried just about everything BUT this. BTW, fabric/sewing supply stores have underwires to replace broken ones. I found this out accidentally! Thanks for the great tip!

  32. Whitney says:

    If your underwire is breaking, you bra is the wrong size. Alot of stores will size you for free! Good luck girls!!!

    • Thanks, Whitney. I didn’t realize sizing was free. I mainly shop at Victoria Secrets. That’s good info for all.

  33. I LOVE this! I have a bra, that I haven’t had very long (!!) that just poked out the other day. I was complaining about it and my husband said to throw it out, but all I could think of was all that money… going in the trash! I’m going to have to go pick up some moleskin. Whoever would have guessed!!?! Thank you!

    • Tara, Sounds just like my story. I just don’t have time to do any that takes longer than 10 seconds. There are definitely other ways but this was quick and I am able to wear the patch until I wash the bra. If it comes of just, repeat and wear some more. Good luck and Please let me know if it works for you as well. I would love to know.

  34. fantastic tip – thank you for sharing. I hate throwing away bras that are perfectly good other than the wire sticking my side!

    But on a completely geeky note, can I ask what font you used on the picture that says ‘protruding wire’ and ‘ouch’? It’s one of the best handwriting fonts I’ve seen and I’m a font-aholic. :)

    Thank you so much!

  35. That is such a great idea! Working in bra sales, we find that wires will pop out for a variety of reasons, such as a woman wearing the wrong size, not so gentle lingerie care, repeated overuse, or simply the usual wear and tear. A good bra should last one to two years, even though many women will hold onto bras for up to three or four. It is important to be measured by a bra specialist every 6 months or so, as our bodies are constantly changing, especially our breasts. (ie. think of your summer weight vs winter weight.) Stores like Victoria’s Secret will do this for free, and it takes two seconds and you even leave your shirt on!
    Wearing a bra multiple days in a row without rest prevents it from relaxing back to its natural form which is not good for the bra. Thats why it is important to rotate your bras, and give them a 24-46 hour relaxation period. Also wash them after every 4 or 5 wears. Most stores recommend hand washing bras, which is most ideal especially because a good bra can cost upwards of $70 or so, but many women don’t find they have the time. One trick a co-worker does which she shares with customers, is to wear your bra with you when you go into the shower, and wash it with your gentle body wash, or soap. Then lay flat to dry. If this still doesn’t sound like something you would want to do, invest in a lingerie bag, or simply throw your bras into a pillow case, and knot the end and throw in the washing machine on delicate with cold water and gentle detergent. Leaving them hooked and in the bag prevents the delicate bras from rubbing up against rougher materials such as jeans, cotton, and whatever else goes into the washing machine. But please, never never NEVER put your bras in the dryer. That is a surefire way to destroy them quickly.
    Lastly, if your bra was purchased from a larger corporation and there is a store near you, go in with your bra and explain what happened. Stores like Victoria’s Secret and La Senza will be willing to work with you, and if the bra is on the newer side, will often offer you an exchange, or credit towards your next purchase. This won’t work from ratty old bras you bought years ago, but if the wire pops out of a new bra, and you’ve been taking care of it, by all means go back to the store of origin and talk to a manager.
    Thank you again for this awesome tip though, I will be sure to share with our customers and mention your blog!

    • I love the shower idea. And I am so guilty as charged about hand washing and over wearing. I think part of the reason I grow attached to a certain bra is because it takes on my “shape” probably because I am not letting it rest, as you mentioned. I am bad at about all of the above offenses except I honestly never put my bras in the dryer! I am at least good at letting them dry. I have had good luck with all my other bras that I wear less frequently and rotate, it’s just “old trusty” that’s been abused but the patches work for her whenever I want that super comfort! Thanks for all the awesome input!

  36. i just use hot glue works everytime so does washable tacky glue

  37. Jennifer says:

    This happens to my Victoria Secret bras often. I just found out that VS has a lifetime warranty on all of their bras. If you have your reciept you can just exchange it for the same one or one of equal value. If you do not and you take it back you only get $17 but that’s better than nothing!!

  38. I know what you mean about the favorite bra thing! My daughter and I have always closed the hole after poking the wire back in and slathered the area with super glue. This seals the hole and sticks the wire in place, but it can be less than comfortable at times, so we’ll be adding your moleskin trick to the process! Thanks for the genius tip!

  39. That’s awesome! In the past I’ve always just used a band-aid :) haha

  40. Awesome info! My bra tragedies have previously become very expensive dog toys! Will be trying this today on the side boning which is trying to poke through.

  41. Thank you so much for the tip :)

  42. Suzanne says:

    I’ve used my husband’s wire cutters to shorten the wire in the past and stitched the hole closed but I like the idea of using the moleskin as well. Next time I’ll try a combination of both. Thanks for the great tip!

  43. Kristen King says:

    Oh thank heavens! Needed this about 6 hours ago! Will definitely give it a try!

  44. Haha! Genius! Here I have always just pulled the wire out when it starts to poke through!

    • Hi Monica, you are not alone. A friend told me yesterday that she does the same thing. This will give you another option!

  45. grannyso says:

    Oh moleskin sounds like the quickest fix. I have actually done the glue it in and then “re bind” that area of underwire with cotton bias tape. Works well if you sew ( and I do) if you are able to get your machine to sew through all those layers. Again – AVOID sewing on the underwire or you WILL break a needle!
    I have an AHA idea for bras. I think that once they get sooooo old they are unwearable, it should just disappear but leaving you a note saying… your bra as passed on – please go to xyz store and buy more model 123 size abc… wouldn’t that be nice?!?!

    Closet Bra horder? ( at $40 per bra we kinda have to limp along with the broken ones when it happens!)

  46. I have worn underwire bras for years and have had the same experiences. Never thought of moleskin. I do have a little trick that has helped immensely. Take a safety pin (about 1 1/2 inches in length), fold bra cups into one another and place pin at seams (that would go under your arm). Place garment in laundry bag and wash as usual. This keeps your expensive bras from getting tangled together or with other clothing. Have only had 1 issue since I started doing this many years ago and it only takes a couple of seconds. Unpin and hang to dry. I have an inexpensive towel bar (with 3 bars on it) that hooks over the bedroom door and makes a perfect place to dry lingerie without dangling in bathroom.

  47. After working at VS for close to 2 years, a key tip i learned is that is your wire has poked out or close to, or you can distinctly feel the wire throughout wearing it, you are actually wearing the wrong size. I know people have many different body types, but you should never feel the wite! And always be handwashing your bras, and hang drying. :))

  48. I just used wire cutters and cut the protruding wire! Works amazingly!!

    • That sounds painful…wire cutters don’t exactly make a dull edge, and if the hole is still there, it’ll just continue to poke through. Plus, for women like me with large boobs, we need all the wire width we can get. I think I like the moleskin idea better, thanks…haha

  49. I go to the hardware section of the store and get a jar of the rubber coating they use to dip metal tool handles in. I dip the end of the wire in and let dry. You can do multiple coats as well. Then sew back in. It helps keep the rough sharp edge of the wire from cutting through and if it does it is a little more comfortable until you can get the time to repair.

  50. What a genius idea! I’m going to try this asap.

  51. Thank YOU so much! I bought the Mole Skin today (and the cashier asked if I was a dancer… I guess this is what dancers use. ha!) and fixed three of my bras! I tried sewing one of the holes shut but it broke my needle so this was a huge help! Excited!

    • I thought you meant “dancers” of the other sort probably because we are talking bras. But I’m thinking ballet and tap maybe for foot sores. lol

  52. Lorraine says:

    I’m going to have to try the rubber coating of the wire. My bra wire almost always pokes out on the arm pit side. I tried coating the wire with a rubber sealant, but that didn’t work. To fix the hole in the material, I use a piece of iron-on patch (the back is reinforced to iron) and then I stitch it to my bra. It works great!

  53. Ughh..I just used duct tape<3

  54. tabitha says:

    Just tried this out, Thank you!

  55. I saw this on pinterest, and its funny because I have been having the same problem with my one and only nude-colored bra. except when I sew it up, it comes back out >.<

    going to try this, and see how it works :D, thanks!

  56. This was very informative! So glad I found this. It’s such a pain!

  57. Clarissa R. says:

    OMG thank you for this tip! I am always getting holes in my VS bras but that also stems from not hand washing and my body type. I can’t find any other bras that fit like VS and hate throwing them away when they are still in great shape. My current issue bra only lasted a little over a month before the wire came out. Thanks a million!

  58. Omg!!! I was just out shopping tonight for a new bra, because two of my Victoria secret bras have done this. I can not see spending $55.00 on a new bra right now and none of the cheaper stores have any that fit as nicely. I’m off to cvs tomorrow to buy this and will try it. Thanks for posting this helpful tip. I will let you know how it works for me.

  59. thanks for this! I was using wadded up toilet paper that always came loose to deal with the underwire poking me. Thanks, this will save me lots of $$$

  60. I just push the underwire back in by pushing it against something sturdy until it goes back in. Then I hand sew it shut, pretty simple. I don’t sew or anything, but I can stitch something together.

    • Kathie, I’m so glad you found a solution that works however with these types of bras the underwire starts rubbing through in such a way where it is exposed but it would be extremely difficult to hand sew because it’s almost as if the fabric has worn away. Otherwise it would be easy to just stitch it. thanks for stopping by.

  61. I have just one question… I believe I have that exact VS bra and the same thing happened.. Did you by chance ask VS their return policy because I haven’t even has mine for 3 months! I think that is fairly ridiculous! But I will definitely be using this in stead of dealing with this or worse, my band-aid idea!!! Yikes lol

    • Jade, I didn’t because my bra is well over 2 years old. However from the other comments I believe that if you have your receipt and have followed the washing instructions you may be able to go in and exchange. It is highly likely up to the individual store to decide whether or not they will exchange it. I never wash my bras correctly so in good faith I would never attempt to exchange them. This also didn’t happen to my bra until after 2 years of wearing which in all honesty I could just get a new bra but I really like this one. Thanks and good luck.

  62. Stacy Alexander says:

    I only got maybe a quarter of the way thru all these comments and am already surprised at the enormous response. I had no idea this was so commone. Why can’t they make bras that don’t do this?!?

    My ex boyfriend actually drilled little holes in each end of my bra so when I sewed it back in it stayed in place! Unfortunately I don’t have anyone who can do this anymore.

    Bras should be reinforced in this area and/or they should use something other than wire. It would be more comfortable too. I am a big girl with a large chest and I can’t stand how uncomfortable bras are!

    Has anyone tried any of these wire free shaping bras??

    Someone needs to invent something that shapes with something more comfortable than a wire and holds up so we don’t have to deal with this!!

    Who agrees with me???

    If anyone has any suggestions for me my email is


  63. I too buy Victoria’s secret and ONLY Victoria’s secret and my underwires pop out on every single one, regardless of hand or machine wash! Usually I throw em away and buy new but will definitely give moleskin a try! Thanks for the great tip!!

  64. omg thank you! the under wire always comes out of my bra. i never have time to hand wash them. i will try this

  65. Amanda Palmore! says:

    This has been the best advice I’ve gotten for this problem. After reading this from a friends facebook, I tried it. What a relief! It worked and now I will carry a few pre-cut strips in my purse for those just in case moment.

    I will say that it did take a little practice to get the moleskins on right but once I figured it out I was without pain.

    Thank you so much for posting this, its a bra saver!

    • Amanda, That is so great to hear! I am so glad that the moleskin bra technique is working for you. That’s exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks so much for you feedback and success story! Lesley

  66. WOW thanks for this info, I don’t personally wear underwires for this specific reason, I hated the wires poking me, but My daughter has one bra from VS that she LOVES and is constantly fighting the wire poking her, but she LOVES the bra, Going to get some moleskin asap and show her this quick easy fix.. TYVM.
    And personally I think the bra makers won’t correct this issue in hopes of more sales. But that is just my opinion. It seems that companies do not make good Quality products because we as the consumer are too quick to go out and replace an item.

  67. Guys, Victoria’s Secret does not have a lifetime warranty on bras. I work there. A bra is an article of clothing you wear every day so obviously it is not going to last forever…

    • Thanks, for clearing that up. I totally wouldn’t expect any company to warranty it’s product for a lifetime. Especially a bra. Whether this problem happens more with Victoria Secret’s bras or not I think all of us fans out there will still keep shopping with VS regardless of the return policy. VS makes a great product and I love it so much I just can’t help but want to extend the life of my favorite bras. Thanks again for weighing in.

  68. Omg thank you for posting this i can now wear my fave bra again!

  69. WOW. I’m just glad to know there are kindred spirits out there that have these kinds of issues with their bras! I have always felt guilty for 1. wearing it more than one day 2. NOT wanting to go buy another one-EVER 3. wearing one even if it IS missing the wire on one side 4. throwing it in the washer AND dryer-ALWAYS
    I went to Macy’s last week and was fitted and brought home an EIGHTY dollar bra (I didn’t know they MADE eighty dollar bras) and its still in the sack because 1. it is TOO TIGHT (she said it was SUPPOSED to SUPPORT me) 2. I still can’t decide if it could possibly be WORTH eighty dollars (and that’s just ONE-I would need a SECOND one, of course) 3. Yes, it does make me look better, but at fifty one years old, do I really CARE???? 😉 Thanks so much for helping me know there are others out there!!!!!

    • Yes, there are many others out there like you Mary. And if you like the $80 bra then it may just become your new favorite bra that you wear all of the time. I can’t wear anything too tight but I have no idea about how a bra is suppose to correctly fit. I am super picky about the way clothing feels so that’s what I go off of. Good Luck!!

  70. I love the idea! But, would it cost skin irritation though?

  71. I used super glue to bind the hole….. It’s worked for 5months now.

  72. Heather C says:

    I have had this happen to more than one VS Bra’s…. If your like me, you wear the same bra day after day after day…. I do wash in the machine but NEVER in the dryer! Always hang dry. :) I think it just comes with repeated wear and not switching out every day. :) I think most bras are not meant to be worn 24/7 but I personally cant afford to buy 7 bras at a time. thanks for the tip!!

  73. I had this happen to me and actually went back to Victoria’s Secret and they offered an exchange. But definitely going to try this on other bras! Thanks for the great advice!

  74. I know I’m joining this kind of late, but I’ve worked at VS for years, and the reason the wires start popping out like that is because the cup size is too small, and there is too much pressure on the wire! Just a heads up =]

  75. This is a really good idea if you need your bra fixed quickly, But I found out just a little thread and needle right over the whole works really well too…It can last forever.

  76. This is a great tip! I can’t afford Victoria’s Secret’s over-priced bras, which means I do buy cheaper bras of (only slightly) lesser quality, and I have had a few where the underwire pokes through, and trying on bras is such a pain. I will definitely give this a try to save some of them!

    • Tiffany, I am glad that this tip will help you as well! No matter what the brand it’s nice to have to option especially if it starts stabbing you at work! The pain of the underwire once it gets through the fabric can be unbearable.

  77. I’ve been hanging on, (and not wearing) about five bras now, hoping i could someday figure a way to fix them, THANK YOU, you saved me so much $$$$!

  78. You’re killing me lady! As a VS bra specialist, I have to *beg* you to start hand washing those bad boys, machines are like a kiss of death. I *know* you’re busy, but they will last you for YEARS if you hand wash them! I have some that are 10 years old.
    Also, rotate them. We say that you need three bras (or more). One to wear, one to spare and one to wash. The “spare” part is really important because giving your bra rest between wearings will really increase it’s lifespan, I’m talking way more than triple!
    I can give you some tips for getting our bras at a much-discounted rate, too, to save money.
    That being said- i LOVED your idea! It is fantastic. Way to be resourceful, and most importantly, save money! Holla!

    • Auna, I love it, you crack me up! So here’s the deal. I wish I could but I just will never find the time to hand wash anything in my life. I am just being completely honest. However, you will be proud of me I am rotating through my bras, I do actually own about 8 VS bras which are all equally awesome. Thanks for the compliment, I like being able to use the moleskin in case of emergencies I have a couple more that are starting to wear through. Looks like it may be time to go bra shopping again! Feel free to share those money saving tips any time. If you blog them, share a link! I don’t mind.

  79. OMG!!!!! as a broke college student with a LARGE chest i can’t afford to buy new bras every time this happens…. i think you may have just saved my bank account! THIS HAPPENS TO ME CONSTANTLY! i can’t wait to try it!!!!

  80. I also hate to handwash items, but when something MUST be handwashed I take it in the shower with me and wash it with shampoo.

    Works great!

    • I’ve heard that! Sounds like a great idea however for Mom’s of little tods and twos our showers have to be super fast b/c often our kids may be awake. I know I am full of excuses. Thanks for the tip for those that would be able to do that though!!!

  81. Oh and how many days in a row do you think a bra can be worn? 2-3 or only once? more?

    • Becca, I think that’s all a personal preference. I personally will wear mine several days in a row. Mom on the other hand says that after a day in the garden she will have to wash hers. It depends on how active you are that day. As far as the moleskin patch it will last until you wash it. I haven’t had much success with it sticking through any other washes, though. Lastly, all of the Victoria Secret specialists that have commented below have suggested a daily rotation, I believe. I am not great about that. Thanks so much for the awesome questions and suggestions.

  82. Great idea! I always wear VS bras and the wires ALWAYS poke through for me. Maybe my boobs are too big. :) either way, my current bra needs replacing so maybe a little moleskin will help me hold out for a little longer. Thanks for sharing!

  83. This is amazing! I hate bra shopping especially now that I have a daughter! And I don’t have the time or patience to handwash! We were just discussing having another child possibly and I was already dreading the trip to buy more nursing bras as all of mine had the underwire poking out but now I won’t have to do that!:) Thank You!

    • It’s amazing how things that are so easy before kids become much more complicated with kids. A simple bra shopping trip can be put off for months, I know. I am so glad that this may help you! Good luck.

  84. I like the idea of fixing the bra with moleskin! I started reading the comments and got a headache thinking about all the work women go through for their favorite bras! If we do this for undergarments, we must be awesome wives, children, parents and grandparents!

  85. This is a great idea!! And this whole time, I’ve been shoving a clean sock under my bra to stop the wire from slicing me up!! My wire actually broke, so I’m not sure if this will still hold with the wire constantly sliding around in two pieces, but it’s definitely worth a try. Thanks for the tip!

    • The sock trick has got to be the most original solution yet! Now we’ve got to come up with a solution to fix those snapped wires.

  86. I am a full-time working single parent who actually takes the time to hand wash her expensive bras and the wires still seem to poke out now and again. I will try this trick next time that happens!

  87. This is so BRILLIANT! I have a lot of trouble with protruding underwire, and just recently got a couple new bras where I feel I will be needing this little trick.

  88. Don’t wear your bras day after day. The elastic in bras need a day of rest after a day of wear so the elastic can go back to the original size. I have 7 bras from Intimacy Bra Specialists that I wear for one day each. After 3-4 wks. they are laundered. They are washed in the machine on ‘gentle’ cycle with special soap and are never put in the dryer. I have had these bras for 5+ yrs. now and all are in great shape.

  89. I have worked at VS for 3 years and here’s a helpful tip to all of you that have your wire poking out: your bra isn’t the right size!!! When this happens it means that you need to go up a band size. If you’re not convinced, go get sized! They will measure you, fit you, and find you a fab bra.

    That being said, this is a great solution if you have a bra you love that you don’t want to give up, or pay $50 to replace! Moleskin sounds comfortable and I love what other commenters have said about sewing it on so it withstands wash and wear :) Thanks for the tip for your “frugal” followers :)

    • Megan, Thanks for the input. I don’t know what’s up with my VS bras, I actually was fitted for these and now all of the wires are cutting through. I have to say though that I have other VS styles and they are doing just fine but this particular style is having issues maybe I need a different size for this style however now I’ve already made a $200+ investment so I have to use the moleskin fix. I have 5 bras in this particular style. Thanks again for the input and the positive feedback on the bra-fix idea.

  90. My wires always come out from the sides instead of the middle. The mole skin didn’t work for me. I’m going to try to contact VS and see if maybe I can get a replacement. It’s my favorite bra ever!

  91. Katie Birke says:

    All bras should be HAND WASHED, no matter what. The washing machine is terrible on the bras and is what causes them to fall apart regardless of what any one says. If you are wearing the correct size and style for your body, and hand wash your bras this will not happen. Ladies take the 5 minutes to hand wash them and you will save yourselves hundreds. I too am a working mom, very busy all of the time… but there is no excuse big enough to not hand wash your bras if you want to keep them like new. I work in this industry and am very passionate about this. STOP BEING LAZY and blaming it on the manufacturing.

    • Katie,
      Thanks so much for your comment, we really value your opinion and your passion for your career. However, I really hate that you feel that those of us that do not hand wash our bras our being lazy. Unfortunately, there are some things in my life personally that I choose to edit in order to make my life easier and to have time to do other things. One of those is hand washing any and all of my hand washed only items. I also am not convinced that it is or is not the manufacturing. I guess it really depends on if the wire is still protruding even when you are fitted properly and washing the bra as instructed. I for one am not following the instructions therefore I do not blame the manufacturer for my protruding underwire issues. Thanks again for your input, as always we appreciate all feedback here at Lesley

  92. This is a great idea. Do you have anything as brilliant for wires that have broken? I would like to know how to avoid this happening in future. Perhaps hand washing will help.

    • Trish, I still don’t know about the wires breaking altogether. Although I know hand washing will help to some degree some readers say they still have issues with breakage. I will let everyone know if I think of anything for the wires breaking. Thanks for the awesome comment.

  93. I sew mine shut again, but I slap on a glob of hot glue before I shove the wire back in. That way, it doesn’t have a sharp edge ready to rip through the fabric, and if it does happen to get through again (I know I should, but I don’t hand wash), it won’t be the most painful experience in the world.

  94. Awesome tip!! Thank you! Because I’m painfully curious, why is the moleskin in the picture backwards? Or am I dyslexic? 😉

    • Thanks Cathy. Ok I’ll let the cat out of the bag lol. I actually didn’t even notice it for a while. What happened was that I must have inverted the picture during editing then I musth have put the border on and additional text. However if I tried to flip it again it would have messed up the text I added. So I just said “forget about it.” This is one of those posts I never thought would get any attention, man was I wrong.

  95. You are BRILLIANT! I have thrown away hundreds of dollars worth of bras because of poking underwire. THANK YOU!

    • Thanks so much Amy. I know I just had the wire break through on 4 more bras. Which equals several hundreds of dollars. I’ve tried sewing and the area it breaks through just can’t be stitched properly. So glad this helps people.

  96. Absolutely brilliant! After spending a small fortune on quality bra’s for these DD’s it pisses me right the hell off when the wire starts poking through, even not putting them in the dryer. I’ll be trying this soon *she says as the wire is poking her armpit*

    • Nadine, it seems like across the board that no matter the brand, no matter the cost (high or low) and no matter how we are washing them, this is happening to everyone. At least now we know there’s a quick fix for those bras that still have tons of life left in them especially for those times you can’t just go out and get a new bra like if your on a trip or at work.

  97. As a former Victoria Secret associate, they do NOT return bras if they have clearly been worn and have any wear on them. You MUST have a receipt and original tags and it must be within 30 days. Our store was really strict on that. Also, if they know you washed it in a washer and didn’t hand wash it they will NOT return it no matter how long it has been. I only wear VS bras anymore because no other bra has ever been able to do the job to my likings! I too have had many bras have wires protrude and I like your idea! I’ll have to try it! I also am always in a hurry and wash my bras (they do mess them up a little (shape and softness) but I’m in a rush (working 2 jobs, 16hours school)!! I always wash my bras by themselves on cold and delicate and always hang them to dry. For sure a BIG no no is ever putting ANY bra in a dryer!!!! -the former VS Bra Specialist :)

    • Alyssa, I figured that the return policy was 30 days and you must follow care instructions thanks for letting us know the time limit. I believe they should have a strict policy after all they have employees that work hard and must be paid for what they do. I would understand if the bra was worn and cared for according to the care instructions and was still under the return policy time period, consumers would and should expect an exchange. However, mine are all past that time frame and have not been cared for appropriately but are still in otherwise excellent condition. I buy all of my under garments from VS because they are what I like. Thanks for stopping by.

  98. FideliasCharm says:

    Here’s what I do, If the wire protrudes, but didn’t actually break, then I just use pliers to push it back in, and then sew the hole shut. That works well enough to make the bra last another lifetime.
    However, if the underwire actually broke in half, then I set the bra aside until another bra meets the same fate. I then choose which one I love the most of the two, and cut a hole in the seam of the least favored bra, pull out the good wire, situate it so it faces left or right (yes, the underwires are not a symmetrical shape) and then again use the pliers to feed the wire into the bra I’m trying to save, and sew it in place. The other bra gets used as a back up for those days when “oh :), I forgot to wash!”

  99. Tried this and LOVE it! Literally took 30 seconds or less for 2 bra’s!! Washing didn’t work so much for me, but who cares…I was FINALLY able to reunite with my favorite Victoria Secret bra! <3

    Come check out my review over at Crafts For Mommas, and stay awhile!

    Big Hugs,

    • So glad this worked for you Melissa! Washing didn’t work for Lesley either. FYI we are working on an awesome solution that will! Stay tuned!

  100. hi ladies

    i use to work in the lingerie industry and worked extensively on sorting this problem and we managed to crack it finally.. there is a product called fortitube that works very well ,, for preventing wire poke through as well as making it machine washable… i remember a retailer bringing this challenge to us and we brought their bra returns go down to zero from having close to a million dollars allocated annually… it was an amazing break through,,,, i think most of the brands currently use this product already in their brands,,,

    • Mike,
      That’s great. I think I know the product you speak of, it’s like a plastic cap? I can see how that would really impact there returns. Great job. Lesley

  101. This is awesome. So glad I took the time to Google some solutions. My bra, which is just over 30 days old and hadn’t been machine washed at all is already popping out on both sides. I tried to sew, but so there’s so very little fabric that I really can’t. I think the type of bra makes a big difference when it comes to sewing. Thinner, cotton bras are easy but all my VS bras have really tightly-stretched satin and are so thick that I can barely push a needle through. I literally bent one in half trying, Long story short: I will be trying this.

  102. As a woman on an aircraft carrier I -so- don’t have time to hand wash my bras, and it’s actually completely impossible on deployment anyway. I just wash them inside a little mesh lingerie bag and air dry them on my rack (bed for you landlubbers) and them store them in a bra traveling case. That said, I like this fix for my flimsy Target-bought bras that keep popping out underwires on me!

  103. I didn’t read all the comments since there are too many of them but what about hotglue? I would think it would hold up for a while and those little bra bags too help bras to last WAY longer than regular washing. Buy the ones specific to bras and not just a mesh laundry bag it will catch on the clasps every time.

  104. If my bras get washed in the washing machine, an underwire is sure to poke out soon, so I throw bras to be washed on the shower floor. When I shower in the morning, I wash them out and hang them on the faucet. Multi-tasking.

  105. I have been cutting up fabric band aids, but I think the moleskin will hold longer. Thanks for sharing the idea, :)

  106. I have never owned a Victoria Secret bra.. so maybe that’s one reason I always have underwire poking through, plus I don’t handwash (I do, however, keep them out of the dryer!) I have found that pushing the underwire back in as far as you can.. and then using a hot glue gun and putting glue in and around the hole works great! Doesn’t hurt either! Thanks for the tip with the moleskin.. I’ll have to try that too!

    • Devyn, It seems to be a problem across many brands. And now that I am wearing all of my VS bras regularly I have a total of 4 bras with the wires breaking though. THanks for the glue tip, the place where my wire breaks through would be hard to glue because it’s lower down on the casing. The moleskin holds for weeks.

  107. Oh goodness, I have the exact same favorite nude bra from VS with the exact same wire issue! I do machine wash my bras in a bag and always hang dry, but after years of wear, this tends to happen with the best of them. The bra has been sitting in the bottom of my drawer cuz I cannot bring myself to throw it out, even though it pokes me when I wear it! I’m going to pick some moleskin up from the store tonight and give it a try!

  108. Susan Segur says:

    Ok love the comments but since we are on the subject of bras would anyone have a solution for straps that seem to refuse to stay in place. I am going crazy with falling straps. HELPPPPPPPPPP Pleasel

  109. When my underwire starts poking through, i just put a dab of hot glue on that spot and it
    doesn’t bother me anymore and so far it’s held up in the washer and the dryer.

  110. I saw this on Pinterest months ago and decided to try it when the wire popped out of my favorite bra. It worked like a charm and I now pass the tip along. I just saw this on Pinterest today and I thought ‘I have to comment on this gem of a tip!’ I’m surprised at how well it holds up in the wash too! I do have to replace it after 4-5 washes, but until I run out of my scraps of moleskin, it’s way cheaper than a new bra.

  111. I push the wire back in, seal the tear with a couple of small stitches, then seal it with clear nail polish. The polish is still flexible and adds a little more strength to the fabric to prevent it from poking through again. It got to the point where every time I bought a new bra, I would add a few coats of clear nail polish to the areas at the ends of the wires and it stopped the wires from poking through the fabric.
    I think yours is a great fix in a pinch. I will have to get some moleskin and put it in my travel bag….awesome if I can’t get to my sewing kit!

    • Awesome! Never thought of clear nail polish. Keep in mind we sell an easy portable moleskin fix directly here on our site in a protective case so that it won’t squish in your bag! Check out the Fix a Bra

  112. HikerChick says:

    In an emergency, I have even used a band-aid to patch a “pokey” underwire! Mine always seem to protrude from the top of the seam, rather than the sides.

    • A lot of people seem to have the wire come through the seems. Mine just cut straight through the fabric in the sides. Thanks for commenting

  113. So I tried this, and by the end of the day, the moleskin was on me, and my bra was poking me. This was on a Victoria Secret Bra as well, I don’t know if maybe I didn’t press it on long enough or what, but it didn’t work for me. I will try it once more, but who knows.

    • Uh Oh! It could be that you didn’t press it down hard enough or if it was a different type of fabric or moleskin. Keep in mind moleskin purchased in the store has a medical grade adhesive on it which is typically used for applying on skin. I was noticing that the moleskin was not as sticky as I needed it to be and that’s why I came out with the Fix A Bra which has the stronger adhesive that is meant for apparel use instead of skin. Thanks for your feedback.

    • Yeah. That was my problem, too. I applied the moleskin vigorously, but the wire poked back through it, and then the moleskin attached itself to me. I’m not sure if the fix-a-bra is worth my money, but I’ll think about it.

      God knows, sewing up the holes has never done me any good.

      • Hi Rita, the Fix A Bra product has a much stronger industrial adhesive that should keep that wire from poking back through. In fact after application and wearing for a day or so, it is HARD to remove it. Regular moleskin has a medical grade adhesive designed for skin not garments. Hope you give it a try.

  114. Question: I have a sewing machine it’s a singer 401-A, what type of thread and needle doI need to repair a bra at the stress points such as at the seems and straps and around the cups?

  115. I have a question for the VS people- I buy VS bras, cause they are the only ones who make my size available in multiple styles. (THANK YOU!) I’m petite, small waist, large cupsize. That being said, none of my bras die of “usual wear”… I work with horses all day, and I get everything from hay and grain, to teeth, to dirt and blood down my shirt and INTO my bra… This causes them to fray, get pills, and bunches in them, almost like the washer does to my moms bras (I still hand wash mine, she throws hers in the washer) bottom line- my bra’s go through the ringer, daily, and wear pretty fast. I’m talking, within 3-5 months, they are almost toast. What could VS do for a gal like me? I would hate to have to keep buying a hundred dollars or more worth of bra’s every couple of months… :(

  116. Great tip! Would’ve saved some expensive bras I threw out last year that were very comfortable.

    And I also appreciate the comments that say this issue can mean your bras aren’t fitting properly. The center of my bras do not lie flat against my sternum. Which worries me about the size I must really wear if I’m already in a DD o.0

    Thanks for this post – found it through Pinterest. :)

  117. Oh boo :( I guess I’ll keep searching for a vegetarian version of this. There always is :)

  118. I’ve had this problem and also sometimes the wire is just uncomfortable. My solution has always been to cut a small piece of felt and sew it on over the area. I has similar results as yours but lasts longer.

  119. Christine says:

    Ahhh, thank you soo much! Relief at last!

  120. When washing your bra- fold one cup into the other and stuff it into a large clean sock. It gets clean, it doesnt bend the wire, the hooks dont catch. Ive been doing this for years and havent had a wire pop in a long time.

  121. Faith Rodriguez says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I have this problem all the time as I’m sure other women do.

  122. SheWearsManyHats says:

    I think this will help. I have always washed my bras in an inexpensive lingerie bag from the dollar store or a tied up pillowcase. I gently fold one cup into the other and put them in the bag to where they don’t get swished out of that shape. The only time a bra has ruined is when I put it in the machine without putting it into a bag first. I then hang them to dry in the laundry room or by the strap on the hook of a hanger and take them to my room. but I NEVER put them in the dryer. I have 3 college aged daughters and this works for all of us. We keep the bag or a pillowcase next to the washer.

  123. Cynthia Janik says:

    There’s a product called a bra ball that I use to wash my bras. It’s a plastic cage like ball that holds the cups in place and keeps the shape, and you can throw them in the gentle cycle in the washer without any damage to your bras or anything else from hooks. They’re a little expensive, but they were well worth it for me. That’s the name of them, you can find them at I believe; my mom so nicely got them for me as a gift two years ago after I found the website.
    When it comes to the bra repair, if I ever have this happen to my now well taken care of bras, I already am an avid user or moleskin products in all of my shoes so I have extra lying around :)

  124. I started doing this about three years ago and thought I was so smart. I see I’m not the only one with this bright idea. 😉

    I have found it lasts about 3-4 months for me Andres I think your body heat does help “set” the glue.

    I like the idea of doing a quick stick to keep it there. Thanks!

  125. Karolina says:

    I tried this today. So far so good, thanks for the tip! I feel that there is a pattern of VS bras that are doing this more then others. Since being a teen I’ve always owned LaSenza bras and never had this problem. In the last year I’ve bought 6 VS bras and 2 within 3-6 months the wires popped out. And I have always hand washed and air dried my bras- since high school! Bra companies should really look at this and reinforce the area where the wires are!

  126. Holy. Crap. Thank you so much for this!!! I’m a cheap bra-shopper because my size fluctuates so often (weight losses and gains left and right, ugh), and I’m pretty busty and active, so I wind up with pokey underwires fairly often. I’ve always just either worn them and dealt with the pain or thrown them away (my wallet cries when I do that). You are a life saver!

  127. Thank you for posting this! I’m having a similar problem (same brand), though I didn’t realize that machine washing the bra invalidated the warranty! The instructions on my tag say “wash separately,” which I do, but they do NOT say to hand-wash. If that’s going to mean the difference between being able to return a bra or not, that might be something for VS to state more clearly.

    It’s a non-issue for me–I’m just happy to save $45-60, since that wire was seriously drawing blood! Off to the drugstore to get some moleskin! :)

  128. Wearing my repaired bra right now! Yea!!! Wished I knew of this solution years ago. PS- I have washed my repaired bra, in the mesh garmet bag on hand wash twice and it is still holding strong!!

  129. You can also buy these items called screw protectors (from lowes or other hardware stores) and cut them down to size. Place them over the wires sharp edge and then sew the bras tear closed. I have not had time to try this but it seems like it would work.

    • Elly, that sounds complicated. I’m sure it could possibly work. It’s just the time involved that I don’t have. Thanks so much for sharing. I’d love to know when you try it. Let me know how it works.

  130. I think underwire bra is not good for woman because after wear underwire bra woman’s feel uncomfortable and unattractive and here i have found cheap underwire bra repair shopper .

  131. Michelle says:

    I wish these worked as well for me as they did for other people..maybe I am doing something idea, but they don’t stick to my bra at soon as I put it on it is coming off..I don’t care about the bra anymore it’s just a work bra.. so I even went as far as super gluing it to my bra it still came off…-sigh-

    • Michelle, what kind of moleskin did you buy? Also, if you use fabric softener or a detergent that contains a softener it may cause the adhesive to not want to adhere. Possibly even if you wear lotion and it is now on the bra. Sorry it didn’t work :(

  132. I recognized your post today when I looked on One Good Thing by Jillee. I didn’t see a reference to you but remimbered your site. I am a blogger and she recently copied a friend of mines post. She is building a site on our backs.

    • Gloria, No she didn’t reference me and I am so very upset. I have asked her to take it down and she is not responding. Thanks so much for letting me know. I saw it on Pinterest this morning first thing.

  133. If the wire is popping out on your bra, It’s usually a size issue (I work at VS) and your size needs to be adjusted. Also, for those of you who don’t have time to hand wash your bras, just put them in a pillow case and tie the pillow case, then wash it on the delicate cycle in cold water and LAY FLAT TO DRY!!! Nothing ruins a bra faster than putting it in the dryer!!!! And hanging it on a doorknob distorts the cup and it won’t fit the same!!

    • Thanks for the tips. I’m not sure exactly why my wires keep popping out. This last time I was re-sized and re-fitted and the wires popped again on both sides. Still buying at VS though because now that I can fix it quickly I won’t be shopping elsewhere. I’m pretty brand loyal. lol

  134. wow! that is a super idea, I can’t think that is would be also possible. Thanks to share

  135. Oh thank you! Funny enough, I’ve NEVER had this happen with my VS bras, which, incidentally don’t usually fit because they frequently don’t carry my size. However I found an even more expensive brand that fits and looks wonderful. And the wires pop out after less than 6 months! I wash in a bra bag and air dry, but like I said, only happens with this one brand!

    Anyway, now I’ll do this and just keep buying them!

  136. Wow, this one brought on a lot of comments! I hope I’m not repeating anyone.

    About avoiding the problem to begin with, it was mentioned to hand wash & line dry. Looks like hand washing isn’t an option for many! The good news is to go ahead and toss it in the washer. Then avoid the dryer and hang up to dry. If you don’t have time for air drying, just wear it. It should be almost dry by lunch time (hee hee).
    Underwires eventually poke through the fabric because the metal expands when heated in the dryer then shrinks back to size when it cools down. So it is actively poking the fabric every trip through the dryer. Eventually the fabric fibers break and the wire escapes confinement.
    No dryer = no problem.

    • Thanks for the input Roxanne. Unfortunately, we have found through much customer and reader feedback that many women, including myself, are still having breakthroughs no matter the wash routine/ drying routine. We’ve had thousands of women report to us how they launder their bras. Some only hand wash and lie out to dry, some machine wash and skip the dryer, others machine wash and dry and lastly some have had breakthroughs before washing altogether. Why breakthroughs happen seems to be a mystery. Is it the make of the bra? Is it the way our weight shifts as we move? Not sure.. but one things remains true… their sure are a lot of women out there having breakthroughs! THanks again for your input. We love it! Lesley

  137. my problem with break through is under the breast when the wire breaks in half. what I have done is to work the wire so it overlaps inside the covering. I still have to replace eventually but get more life out of the bra by doing this.

  138. My underwire doesn’t push out the top it literally snaps inside the bra and the ragged edge breaks through the bra as I walk and pokes me and sometimes scratches me, drawing blood if it happens early enough in the day. Do you think this would work in a situation like that as well?

  139. What’s up, I check your new stuff daily. Your story-telling
    style is awesome, keep it up!

  140. I have been doing this for years. My mother and I both model, and this is a well known trick of the trade.


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