Yo Gaba Gaba Party

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My youngest son, Jude,  turned two in December and I feel kind-of bad for him because his birthday falls between two major holidays. I love planning parties but it’s very difficult to get things together right between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I really have to make an effort especially for him because it’s just not fair for him to miss out on his special day just because it’s in December and I can’t get it together. So I sucked it up and put a small party together for him and he loved it.

I wanted to show you that even on a very small budget and virtually  no time you can do it too, I promise.

I tried to be extremely resourceful when planning this small family get together by using NickJr.’s website for Printable’s and making all of my own decor and wrapping paper accents.

Using one booklet of Scrapbook paper, dollar store white wrapping paper and printables found and personally designed online, I made all of the decor for this party for under $15.00.

We splurged on the custom cake design by Julia’s Bakery in Murfreesboro, Tn.

Featured in this picture are more printable images from NickJr.com , which I then turned into Napkin Rings. My son loved these and used them as finger puppets.

These are treat cones which are very simple to make. Here is a link to SmashedPeasandCarrots that I used to make the perfect cones. I covered a juice box with white paper and cut holes in the top. I then used jute as an accent to cover the jagged cardboard edge and to dress up the box.

These cute little treats are Oreo Truffles on a stick. They ended up being a little heavy so we stood them upside down and they still ended up looking and tasting great.

One of my favorite drinks is Starbucks Frappuccino and besides being a great drink they make a great bottle. I love great glass bottles. I collect bottles, just a little FYI. Bertolli Spagetti Jars are Beautiful as well. (I made some awesome Halloween Props with those) I’ll share in the Fall.  But back to Starbuck bottles. The Frappuccino bottles are awesome for parties and they are so easy to get the labels off of, they just peal right of and with a little soap and hot water the sticky comes off as well as the black date on the bottle. Jackie from Teal and Lime has a great post explaining how exactly to clean them and other ways to use Starbucks Frappuccino bottles within your party decor. I used scrapbook paper, a little hot glue and popped a hole in the lid with a nail and hammer. I cut a circle out of green scrapbook paper and covered the lid with some hot glue and put the circle on the lid. The brown coloring of the lid matched the paper, so I lucked out there and did not have to worry about altering the look of the rim to the lid. Another alternative would be to spray paint all of the lids to color coordinate with your theme or lose the lids altogether.  After the party was over I pealed all the paper off and will use the bottles again. 

Chocolate covered pretzels, Oreo truffles, Cranberry Sprite. Using Jute twine for an accent creates a nice balance between organic fibers and vibrant colors and patterns.

When the party was all over I took the pictures off  the table and used an old notebook and inserted each picture into a clear document protector and created a Yo Gaba Gaba book for Jude to enjoy ! He loves to look through the pages and name the characters. So just by using my computer printer, scrapbook paper, and recyclables I was able to put together an inexpensive party for a well deserving two year old. I hope you enjoyed this party!

What was the last party you put together?



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  1. Lovely! your son had such an awesome party, thank you for posting the pictures

    • Silvia, I am glad you liked them. He was so excited to see all the special decorations just for him! Thanks for the lovely comment.

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