Picket Fence Towel Bar

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This Picket Fence Towel Bar was created for a master bathroom that had no towel storage near the shower.  So tired of hearing “bring me a towel!” or “I forgot my towel!” or better yet dripping all over the floor, my brain started searching for a low cost solution.

Picket Fence Towel Bar



How To Make One:

  • Use a piece of picket fence, I spotted one for $5.
  • I added iron hooks, a dowel rod and a coat of paint.
  • Then the entire piece was painted white, distressed and stained.
  • The towel storage box was made using an old box, not in great shape, and some table legs I had lying around.  It was painted and distress to match the towel bar and complement each other nicely.


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  1. Hi Lesly, This looks awesome! What a neat idea. Thanks for sharing. Following you via LF


  2. This is just darling! I love how it turned out , and the towel storage is so cute too!

  3. Natalie keele says:

    I have a dumb question for you (sorry!) what do you mean by “box” it can’t be a cardboard box but that is all that comes to mind!

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