Boy to Teen Bedroom

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Welcome to Gavin’s room!

Gavin is such and awesome kid, big brother and son and he really deserves an amazing space to hang out and decompress. I think every kid needs there own space regardless if they share a room or not every kid needs an area that is just theirs.

This very important room was the first space that we finished in our new home.

Gavin was only 9 when we moved in and I wanted to design a room that would grow with him, so I created this boy to teen bedroom. Even when you budget really carefully it is still expensive to decorate if you are like me you want your rooms to last a while.. even kids’ rooms. 
Boy to Teen Bedroom Ideas

I was kind of nervous about painting such a dark shade of grey on the walls and then tying it together with bright accents.

I had never used colors this way this way before. Using grey as a neutral was kind of intimidating.

So, I took a deep breath and went for it! 

Boy's Room Ideas Navy and Lime

I was determined to have super amazing bedding in Gavin’s room that was mature but still fun.

I sucked it up and ordered his bedding from Serena and Lily however about a year later Target came out with similar bedding and I purchased a duvet similar to this  set here. (affiliate)

We replaced it because the more expensive Serena and Lily cover was wrinkled and hard to make look nice after each wash and it kind of started to fade a little. 

It was pricey, even with discounts…

Nailhead Upholstered Headboard

Now what has held up well are the sheets from Serena and Lily. Those just really make the room pop! And they are super soft. 

Take a look at those cool sheets. They really are to die for!

Both the style and comfort of these sheets are fantastic! They almost feel like silk.


Teen Bedroom Storage Ideas

I am so passionate about having organized spaces in your home. Even in kids’ rooms. It makes life so much easier and calm.

Not only does your mind not have to process the chaos and craziness… it is so much easier when you can actually find things. It saves time, and lots of it. Children also are more likely to clean up after themselves if they know exactly where things go and it’s obvious when items are out of place.

Easy Lighting for Boy's Room

Moving on to the headboard!!! Gavin’s headboard is WHITE!


And it stays very, very clean!!!

I just use a tape roller on it and it’s clean, in seconds.

WANT TO MAKE ONE? It’s so easy here’s your nailhead upholstered headboard instructions! 

DIY Headboard
I also think having a nice stack of pillows, which separates him from the headboard has really helped to keep in clean.

Ikea Dresser Boy's Bedroom

Do you have a see through dresser? No problem. Cut shapes out of card stock and use contact paper to adhere them to the inside of the drawers. Now the clothes are hidden and you’ve added an extra element of style and pattern to an otherwise plain dresser. 
Tween Boy Bedroom Ideas

Home Goods is an awesome place to find art like this guitar print! I am partial to using a few large scale pieces with a lot of interest rather than using many small pieces of art.

I also like to mix up what I display on the walls. For instance I look for 3 dimensional art or objects instead of hanging 3 pictures. Like the cardboard rhino or the skateboards below.

Boy's Bedroom Wall Ideas

Why use a variety of mediums in your art displays? Well it’s simple and it creates warmth, mood, and interest! How dull would it be if I just slapped 3 big pictures of guitars on the wall. Instead I am pulling from Gavin’s interest and working them into the design in a unique way. He doesn’t want to live in an art gallery. He doesn’t need to either because we have an actual kid’s art gallery in the playroom. 

Expedit Ikea Boy's Desk
So what about Gavin’s stuff, where does he get to express his personality? Well, let me start by first saying I have made a rule that posters and such are not allowed on the walls. The kids are fine with that because they take pride in their “awesome” rooms. And they also have the playroom gallery! However, I have made sure to provide Gavin with ample space to hang whatever he wants on this metal bulletin board.

It’s so important to let kids and teens have places to express themselves.

Oh, and he can have the closet too!

Boy to Teen Boy's Bedroom

Mood Board & Source List

 For a source list or to get this look please click the picture below.

Items not included in source list include: List includes affiliate links

  1. Skateboards: Target $20 a piece 
  2. Guitar Painting: Home Goods $45
  3. Faux Fur Rug: Walmart $16.99
  4. Globe: Home Goods $30
  5. Ceiling Lighting: Lowes $20.00 altered w/ spray paint
  6. Headboard made by Lesley @ Chaotically Creative
  7. Polka Dot Accent Pillow Case: Target $9.99 (not in stores anymore)
  8. Dark Grey Curtains: Ikea
  9. Curtain Rod: Target $39.99


Boy to Teen Bedroom

  Decorating A Boy's Bedroom to last through the teen years

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  1. What a great space! Loving the cardboard rhino:) I’ve had my eye on the same duvet cover from Serena & Lilly (but in the green with the orange piping) for my little boys room. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Sarah, So Glad you stopped by. I love the bedding. I waited for it to go on sale and it was so worth it. It is so soft. I saved money too by getting a down alternative insert at Target which fills it up perfectly. Can’t wait to see your little boys room.

  2. There are so very, very many things I love, love, love about this room! Seriously amazing. And the color palette is so fresh and modern. You little boy has himself one very amazing space …

    .. and there will be pinning involved!



    • Thanks so much Linda! I really appreciate that you took the time to come and comment. I am so glad that you like his room. He really loves it. Even though he’s nine I like to plan out a space that will last many years. This is only the second time he’s had his room completely re-done since he’s been born. I think with planning you can make a space that will last. Thanks for all the nice compliments. Lesley

  3. What a wonderful job! I love everything about this space! I am definitely going to check out how you did the headboard. I would like to make two single headboards for a second guest room. I just love the nail head trim!

    • Thanks Amy. Just let me know if you have any questions. It was a very simple project and months later it still looks great even in white fabric no less.

  4. Fantabulous! Love the fun details like the rhino head, the stenciled ikea cabinet and the color choices. I have the same green storage ottomans in my girls playroom!
    New Linky follower.

    • Thanks so much Kelly. I love the ottomans. Just found out you can get sticky goo slime out of them really easily too! lol They are really durable. So happy to have a new follower!

  5. Hi, I’d love to know where to find the sheets. I love the room, great job!

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