Welcome, I'm Lesley!

        I am so excited that you have found 

                          Chaotically Creative

My motto is , When life get's crazy... get creative!

I've spent years trying to be "normal" but not anymore... it's time to embrace the "crazy"! (read more about my struggle with anxiety here)

If you have chaos, craziness or even pure insanity in your life, you have found the right place! You will fit right in because.......

Chaos is my life...

That's right! Behind the "perfect" photos, cool DIY Projects and completely styled and organized room shots... life is really pretty crazy most of the time. But here's a little secret! I wouldn't have it any other way!

You see I have finally come to realize that my internal chaos, my off the wall ideas, and my insane thought process is what makes me AWESOME! I have found that when I channel my CRAZY I have some pretty cool skills ... in particular I am really good at breaking things.... yep that's right besides being crazy.. I am a huge KLUTZ!