The Litter Genie

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The Litter Genie

Have you discovered the Litter Genie?  When I heard about it, I headed to my local Target Store to check it out. I spied it right way in the pet section and added it to the list of items that help create the calm. It is the perfect solution for several of our issues including containing and controlling  the odors of pet ownership. It was very affordable especially with the $3.00 off coupon . 

The Litter GenieThis is our Creative Cat Center that we built from old porch boards. Inside this lovely cabinet is an array of cat products including the litter box. What we didn’t share in that post was this… 

The Litter Genie See all those plastic bags stuffed in there? Guess what they are for? Yep, they are for the dirty clumping litter. Double/triple bagging is a must because most of them have holes in the bottom. Strewing  dirty cat litter throughout the house on the way downstairs to the outside trash cans is well, YUCK! If you have dogs in the house and happen to leave one of these tempting bags unattended, you will find a dog licking his/her lips and a mess that Hazmat needs to clean up! Let’s just say, this very thing has happened many times in our house and it is definitely NOT a calm event.

The Litter GenieOh, and somewhere in there is this. The litter scoop also wrapped in a plastic bag. Sometimes I just toss in bags containing wet food. My husband had a melt down the other day when he reached in there to get a container of wet food and grabbed the dirty scoop by accident with his bare hand LOL! (He is a major germ freak!). He is going to be very pleased with this purchase! (check out our video)  The Litter Genie gives us a solution to clean this up and more.


The Litter Genie Notice it says LOCK Litter and Odors Away? This is especially important if you have small children and dogs! Check out the Litter Genie Face Book and Twitter for testimonials and some great videos and pictures! 

The Litter GenieI was thrilled to open this up and find a scoop and scoop holder.  One problem solved! Now there is no question where that litter scoop is. My husband is very relieved.

The Litter GenieI popped the holder onto the side and did a happy dance. YES! 

The Litter GenieNext, I popped in the plastic bag disk in four easy steps. 

The Litter GenieI could NOT wait to try it out! Yea! I do not have to try and hold open a plastic bag while scooping dirty litter into it! Another problem solved.

The Litter GenieHere I am pulling and pushing the handle to LOCK THAT DIRTY LITTER AWAY!

The Litter GenieMeet Zippy who was quite interested in our new acquisition. Okay, so she is not exactly thrilled about it. All she wants is food and a place to “go”. She could care less about the clean up as long as it gets done, to her satisfaction. 

The Litter GenieThis look means, “reach inside that cabinet and get me some food now.” 

 Okay Zippy, your wish is our command and taking care of you just got a lot easier with The Litter Genie! 

Until next time, we will continue searching for the Keys To Calm! 

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  1. Oh I might have to get one of those. I don’t have a cat, but one has taken up residence on my deck and she has let it be known that we are her humans. As I have fattened her up and she is happier and cuter it is only a matter of time before she moves inside.

  2. That is such a cool kitty box area! My cats need one of those. Great post!

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