Diamond Candles Review and Giveaway!!!

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This Post is a review and a Giveaway provided by Diamond Candles. I was not paid for this post, I was given one product for review. All opinions  are mine alone… THX Lesley

Happy Tuesday!!! I’m so excited to review this awesome product. When Diamond Candles contacted me about hosting a giveaway I was very intrigued. I immediately did my research and really liked what I read.

All Diamond Candles are made with earth friendly products and support American farms by using soy for the wax and cotton for the wick.

“Most candles are made from what is called paraffin wax. What most people don’t know is that paraffin wax is actually a by product of crude oil. So every paraffin wax candle you buy supports oil companies.

Our wicks are also made from cotton, even some so called ‘natural’ candle companies use paraffin wax to coat the wicks in their candles! “There is no lead, tin, or zinc in our wicks either.” Diamond Candles



Diamond Candles has such a cool concept. Not only do you get a wonderfully scented eco-friendly candle you also get a fun little surprise wrapped in gold foil inside the candle. Enjoying the scent of the candle is heavenly,  but waiting for the surprise inside the candle is even more fun. Yes, that’s right each and every candle has a ring wrapped  and hidden inside…. A ring worth $5 to $5000 in value!


 I choose to order the Honeysuckle candle. I love the smell of honeysuckle! It reminds me of my childhood. I kind of got nostalgic when I lit my candle and the aroma filled my home. Jude said, “Mommy, it smells like Heaven!” The candle also reminds me of another childhood memory, waiting for the prize in the  cereal box. There were four of us kids and the rule was “no digging in the box, you have to wait for the prize to come out.”  It’s like that feeling all over again! I can’t wait to get to the ring. Don’t worry I’ll make a video and take pictures of my ring reveal, but for now…..

Take a look at some of the gorgeous reveal photos below…. I can’t wait!!!


diamond candles


 Gorgeous Right?

SONY DSCWhile the boys and I wait for our candle to burn down so we can reveal our ring, enter the giveaway to win one of your own!!! Make sure you follow Diamond candles on FacebookPinterestInstagram, or Twitter to see the awesome reveals!

Enter to win A Diamond Candle Below!!!

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