Easy Christmas Swags

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Seasonal window swags are a great way to spread color and interest, especially if you have a lot of windows. I have never been one to string lights all over the outside of the house mainly because if I did, they would stay up there permanently.  Add a little electric candle on the inside of the window and wallah, you have created some Christmas Classy Class.

Now, what to do if you can’t find them or don’t want to buy them. You make them of course. I  have not seen any in the stores this year, so making them may be the only option. You can make them from fresh greenery of course, which would be absolutely gorgeous or you can use left over artificial garland.

I made mine several years ago when we live in a house that looked like a box, four windows  up and four down all exactly the same size, all across the front.  When the swags and candles where added at Christmas on all those windows, it was really pretty and festive.

Here’s what you will need to get swagging….

First measure across your windows to obtain the length of your swag.  Double that measurement and cut with wire cutters.  Then fold together.  You want the swag to have lots of volume. No skinny swags please!  Next you will take a long piece of thin floral wire and wrap around the center.  This piece of wire needs to be long enough to twist around the center of the swag, go through the window and wrap around your candle. You can always shorten it if you cut it too long.

Most of my windows have ledges where the swag can rest. If you have windows that have no ledge, unwrap a wire coat hanger and cut a straight long section out and apply to the back of the sway.  Any stiff fairly substantial wire will work, I just made do with hangers.  This keeps the swag straight instead of drooping into a frown on the window. :(

Lay the wire horizontally across the center back of the swag. Attach by simply twisting the wire limbs of the garland around it tightly.Then fluff and intertwine the two sections until they become one.   The next step is to attach the bow of your choice.  I prefer the bright red velvet. They look classic, do not fade and hold up very well if stored neatly in a container.

Now to install your swags. This task is much easier with two people. One on the inside and one on the outside.  First raise the window and the screen. Take the long thin wires and place inside the window under the screen.

Then bring the screen down and lock in place over the wires.

This is a view of the long wires from the inside. Next you will close the window down onto the wires and lock. The wires need to be strong, but thin and flexible enough not to interfere with the operation of the window.

Inside the heart you can see the wires twisted around the candle.  My window sills are very narrow so this keeps the candle in place.

So there you have it. An easy and inexpensive way to really dress up your home for the Holidays.

Happy Swagging! 


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  1. This is really Pretty, Great job.

  2. Danielle Williams says:

    Thanks!!! I was looking for new ideas, for my windows, this Christmas. This is exactly the look I was going for!

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