Cozy Corners

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With World Book Day approaching, on March 1st, I was inspired to write a post about what “we” in the Child Care Industry call “Cozy Corners.” These little spaces are also known as book nooks, literacy centers, libraries, and soft spaces.

Cozy Corners are essential in Child Care centers and in fact when we went through licensing, we would have points deducted off of our scores if we were not providing these spaces for children in our care.Why? Well, children need a space where they can be alone to relax, to think, to read or just get away from the group. It’s a safe space provided for one child to decompress. Not in a punitive way. Let’s get this clear from the start, cozy corners are not time-out spots, these areas are for relaxation, mediation, reading, cuddling with stuffed animals or retreat. Cozy Corners are meant to help promote literacy activities and help create a serene space for children explore reading.

So here’s my question, Do you have a Cozy Corner somewhere in your house? If not, that’s okay. I’m gonna teach you in 8 simple steps exactly how to make one.

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1. Use pillows, cushions, and bean bags to create soft spaces for children to sit.

2.  Area rugs can soften hard floors which adds to the soft and comfortable surroundings.

3. Good lighting is essential for reading, make sure that there is either an overhead light or lamp.

4. Curtains and canopies work well to provide a privacy screen to allow children to get away from the busy world around them.

5. Having plenty of organized storage for books is important. It teaches children that books are important and that we should take care of them and treat them with care.

6. Define the purpose of your cozy corner. If the cozy corner has trucks, drums, dolls, books, balls and more, the purpose of the area can be confusing. Your child might wonder, What am I suppose to do here? Having a few soft toys will be fine, but do not overload your area with noisy objects that do not promote relaxation and literacy. You can also include quiet activities that promote literacy like felt board stories, puppets, stories on CDs, puzzles, magnetic letters. Rotate quiet toys so that there are not too many in your area at a time and it keeps it fresh and new.

7. Cozy pillows and blankets will keep your child  warm and cozy. If they are comfortable they will want to stay, relax and read for a while.

8. Make the space interesting and inviting. This last picture is a cozy corner I created for a friend’s home. It was very simple. I followed all of the key points that I mentioned above. When looking at each picture do you see how each area is warm and inviting? I used soft sheer linens and Chinese lanterns to create a soothing space. The toy chest stores; books, puppets, and small stuffed animals. The colors are soft and inviting.

Here is a Cozy Corner I created using the Online Design tool called Olioboard. You can Click on the picture to view the sources of the moodboard. This cozy corner can translate into any home. 

For direct links you can use my pinterest board and for more cozy corner inspiration click the board below…

cozy corners

Let me know what you think.

Do you have cozy corners in your home?

Have you noticed cozy areas in your child’s care facilities? What are your thoughts? Please share I’d love to know…

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